I can't stop cheating at online games...

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chozo ninpo
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I can't stop cheating at online games...

Um... hi.

This is kinda wierd, and I don't really know if I belong here.

Anyways, let me tell you about me.

I started playing online games back in the text role-playing games played over bulletonboards.

I've always had fun until I turned 15, then it all started to go wrong. I was playing Doom for PS1, against a friend on system link, and I put in some cheats. First it was Infinate weapon codes, then came GOD mode. He didn't notice I was even cheating till I blatently fly threw a door without even opening it right in front of him.

He got so ****ed off. The scary thing is, I loved it, and thought it was the funniest thing I've ever seen!

After cheating on every console game for around 5 years, the internet had been out for about 1 or 2. Then games like Quake, and Counterstrike came out. And of course with them, the cheats (hacks).

Let's just say that I've cheated in every online game I can get my hands on, and even Deer Hunter 2005 and Live for speed, anything where I can hack an advantage my way.

I've been around the myg0t area for awhile now, and have around 7-800 posts in their user forums. (www.myg0t.com)

I think hacking at games is ruining my social life, because I can't spend five minutes with a friend without claiming they have been pwned (owned).

I really need some advice on how to get out of this thing.

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Re: I can't stop cheating at online games...

Just remember that for every time you cheat you ruin another players gameplay.

This is not fun for them only you.

Yes, cheating is extremly fun, ive done it in singleplayer games, never online.

So to get your cheating desire fed, get a singleplayer game and cheat.

Queen of Hell.

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Re: I can't stop cheating at online games...

Hi Chozo,

Thank you for your post.

As for cheating in the game, that is another way to play games. Remember these are ONLY games. If you find it more interesting to find all of the ways you can cheat in a game, than to win them, go for it! It is called beating the system.

I find that an intriguing view to have when playing games - too see how many loop holes you can find in it.

I don't see anything wrong with that - just another way to "play the game". Just don't forget, Chozo, that isn't your real life, so don't let that action spill over into it.

Have fun, and don't forget, to spend time in your real life!


Liz Woolley

chozo ninpo
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Re: I can't stop cheating at online games...

Well, I'm afraid you don't quite understand why I cheat.

I don't really care about scores or what glitches I can find in a game. It's actually the ****ing off the online players that I enjoy the most.

Nothing is more pleasurable than ruining other peoples games. I couldn't possibly explain the feeling I get when you kill every player on the map within 2 seconds with a Para machine gun and to have the entire server just go nuts screaming and swearing and threatening me. Ninja looting in EQ and WoW is one of my other favorite things. That and drawing strong groups of monsters to places like the docks and such where n00bs like to chat and leave their players when they go on pee breaks and such.

I live for the reaction, but I think it's becoming serious because I can't go a single day without playing for at least 6 hours. I wake up to play, I stay up to play, I get no sleep...

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