Features on our website

Dear Members,

Our website was redesigned in 2015. We worked diligently to make this a more ‘interactive’ website for you.

Features on our website

  1. To have full access to the website, you must be logged in.
  2. When logging in, there is a captcha box to check - I am not a robot (to avoid spammers).  This must be done or you won't get logged in.  At times a small box will pop up with letters or numbers in it.  You have to type those correctly and and then press verify, before you can continue.
  3. Any time you see words with blue letters, that is a link.   Click on it to go to the item described.
  4. There is a chat window on the lower right of the screen.  You can chat with anyone on the website, if they are “Available” (green). You can be “Available” (green light) or select the arrow next to your name and select the status that you prefer.  If you have selected a status other then green,  if people still try to chat with you, ignore them.  
  5.  There is CURRENT NEWS message at top of banner page.  This is a reminder of  current events or other useful member information. 
  6. More separation between Gamers (OLGA), Family (OLG-Anon) and Outreach.  When you login, you will now autmatically land on your own homepage.  If you select the Home Button, there are a list of Home pages that you can go to.  
    There is also separate Recent Posts section for Gamers (OLGA), Family (OLG-Anon) and Outreach, so you do not have to see recent posts from other groups.
    You now have separate forums for posting meeting information - OLGA Meetings Forum and OLG-Anon Meetings Forum .
  7. Links on the side bars, gives easier access to content.
  8. To edit your profile!  Please visit your profile by clickingMember Access” on the banner menu, then "My account".  Then click the "Edit" tab at the top to update it.  Make sure your location is correct, so listed times on the website are in your time zone.
  9. Outreach is a new role.   The Outreach role is for press, media, professionals, educators, public service or people who are "just visiting".
  10. Subscription – under Member Access, My Account, Subscription tab.  Decide if you want to receive an email notification when someone has replied to your posts or blogs or meetings.  Set this under Delivery of Notifications. You can set when you want to receive the notifications – daily, or hourly, plus MORE, under Settings.  Please explore and decide how you want to interact.
  11. If you want to receive notifications on a blog or post that someone else has posted, you can click the “Send subscriptions notifications” box on that post.
  12. Face to Face Look Up - The website that will now allow for better user searching so people can find each other that may be interested in face-to-face connections.
  13. Private messages are located under: Member Access / Messages or under My Links.
    Disclosure:  To assure the safety of our members and fellowship, chat logs and private messages may occasionally be monitored by administrators.
  14. Notification of Private Messages that you receive -  You will receive an email notifying you when you get a private message at OLGA.
  15. Blogs are here.  When you click My Blogs under My Links, you will see all of  your blogs, ordered by date.  To see all blogs, go to All Recent Blog Posts.  New feature:  If you look at the bottom of each blog, there is a link to see all of the author's blogs (not just the one that is showing).
  16. To open Chatroom in new tab or window - Hover over link and right click or tap (Mac).  You will be given option to open in New Tab or Window.  Also, no need to log in to the chatroom as long as you're logged in on the site already.
  17. We have a search  utility, found at the bottom of the page.  Much easier to use and read.
  18. You can look at posts from newest to oldest date or oldest to newest date.  There is an option on the bottom of the forum to search up or down.  There are several other options, also.
  19. Use the SAVE button!  Anytime you do anything, you must hit the SAVE button on the bottom, or whatever you just entered or changed, will not be saved.

Please post all issues with the website on the Website Help Forum, located on the bottom of the page.  Here is the link:  Website Help or send an email to olga@olganon.org stating your issue.

Thank you.  

We hope you enjoy using the website.


Wilbur and Liz