Another Insight into MMORPG Addiction

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Another Insight into MMORPG Addiction

Here's another one...this one from Cambridge.

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Re: Another Insight into MMORPG Addiction

This article while useful denys the addict a choice of balance. "After plenty of conversations with numerous characters I clearly distinguished that the line between fantasy and reality became more distorted after longer periods of play." The author clearly describes a limited understanding of True involvement when he claims "Game developers claim that online gaming enhances computer skills, online social interaction and collaborative problem solving skills. It provides an inexpensive alternative to outside entertainment and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Other benefits of online gaming include the opportunity to meet people from around the world, removing borders and reducing discrimination." Sounds like he is siding with game developers and their handlers. Although he states "On the flip side, approximately 30 per cent of MMOG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Gamers) are classified as addicts. Clearly he has no earthly concept of what is at stake when he simply writes... "The key is simple, balance."

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Re: Another Insight into MMORPG Addiction

Cambridge Ont..hmm. A little flippant and 'safe' commentary.

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