"The Battle for Our Minds" documentary on video ga

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"The Battle for Our Minds" documentary on video ga

I just saw a very good television documentary called "The Battle for Our Minds". Some details regarding it are at http://tvschedule.knowledgenetwork.ca/knsch/KNSeriesPage.jsp?seriesID=99... Since this was copyrighted in 2004, I thought that it might already be mentioned somewhere in these message boards but I could not find anything (perhaps it was lost during the May 31/05 EZBoard disaster). Anyway, it spent about half of its time, perhaps even more, talking to several people in depth about video game addiction. One of those people was Liz about her son Shawn. It went into quite a bit of detail into what happened to him. I learned a few things that I did not know about that previously. My one and only significant complaint is that, as I recall, it did not mention anything about any specific help that is available for gaming addicts, such as OLGA or anything else out there. Nonetheless, I found it overall to be quite interesting, well balanced and educational. I recommend that everybody who has not yet seen it does so if they get a chance. However, please be forewarned that it does also show a fair number of scenes from various video games, especially one called Fable.

- John O.

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