Cybercrime, hacking, and video games

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Cybercrime, hacking, and video games

I'm sure all of you have heard of the big Sony hack. It seems to me that computer game addicts present the perfect tool for hackers; some of the games even register as malware. Gamers are trained to check in to make sure their game pieces are thriving and they often do so from work since many games go on sans player. The addict will open their company computers to massive amounts of back and forth traffic. They keep checking in, making downloads and uploads simple for a hacker. Many games come out of countries that are not exactly friendly and a sense of anarchy runs high even among the non addicts. The addicts may be the trained rats of some very nefarious concerns.

The classic line "it's time to write to your congressperson," may be apt in this instance.


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I am afraid you may be right

I am afraid you may be right here!

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