Why i think WoW is more addicting then EQ

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Why i think WoW is more addicting then EQ

Most people complained about how bad the costomer service was in EQ and how the new content had to many bugs. How classes were over powered. I heard the Warroirs all went on strike one time to get a class modification.

Blizzard on the other had answers your question in 1-3 days and has weekly fixes for bugs. Also blizzard has made each class very useful and not to over powering. They have a set goal to create new patches for when the game play gets borning or the end stuff has been achieve. These patches come at the perfect time. Also its mix of PvP and PvE creates more time wasted, since you want two sets of item gear not just one. I believe WoW has taking all the mistakes EQ had and perfected them to a pure sience. I read from someone that blizzard has a 12 year plan. Which i find amazing!! I cant image wasting 12 years of my life.

If you can think of any other reason why WoW is worse then EQ i would love to here them?

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Re: Why i think WoW is more addicting then EQ

I have never played these type of games so I cannot speak from experience.

What I know is that there is a lot of market driven competition out there on the MMORPG sector. This leads to an "either we or them" mentality among the games.

Either the customer stays and plays our game, or he goes off to the competition.

These games being pay-over-time, there is a very real economic incentice to elaborate and proliferate elements of the game which many of us would call addictive.

They are probably called immersive within the industry.

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EQ Vs. WoW, not important anyway

Its really funny because I ask my friends about EQ and they all tell me how addicting it was, and how much easier WoW is to handle. Example:

WoW gives you rewards; rest experience for not playing the game. THe longer you are logged out, the faster your character levels when you come back. The instruction manual says

"This is to be a reward for those players who may only spend a few hours playing a week compared to those who may play several hours a day."

Problem is that the game is set up so that you really could play several hours a day. Even the most immersive games to date that arent mmorpg's, (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) becomes boring after a few hours. You eventually feel the need to take a break. Not with WoW.

More problems with EQ that WoW fixed:

- I never played EQ but it looks horrible graphically. Plus the fighting looks very robotic. WoW looks like a real action movie scene when I watch people duel.

- From what I heard, if you die, others can take your items. Supposedly this is what happened to Shawn Wooley's character. In WoW, the most harm someone can do is kill you and make you run back to your corpse. Along with camping your body to do it again. And of course you can always call for help.

- EQ made leveling a top level character a decade long process. A really dedicated player can level a character to 60 in about a months time.

Enough about these games though. Their leveling races and scanvenger hunts. There's no real story involvement. Its all about greed and people just want gear and weapons to brag about and make green bars go down (or up) faster.

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