The Digitally Compulsive Family

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The Digitally Compulsive Family

The Digitally Compulsive Family written by a professional member of our community, John Najar, M.A.

Many have become deeply addicted to technology, succumbing to the allure it brings. That which was once considered a leap in urban development seems to become a deterrent to a meaningful family life. Today, more and more families are using computers, social media and other electronic devices instead of just talking to one another. In this book, readers will get a wake-up call as they meet The Digitally Compulsive Family, whose lives are so dependent on technology. This book describes how families and lifestyles have changed because of technology. This is a self-help book that describes how technology has influenced the changing dynamics of the family and the world. Too many people are texting and not talking. It presents the compulsive nature of digital technology and its effect on the family and the resultant sense of isolation, silence, loss of verbal interaction between the family and the community. There has been an ongoing “electronic silence” and the personal touch is lost. This form of electronic interaction is used in millions of families to discuss family matters. It has become an easy tool in which people solve their problems. However, the sense of feelings and body language is no longer an indication of one’s intentions. Technology has trivialized the true meaning of verbal communication. Social networking has contributed to the lost art verbal interaction. It is easy, quick, and depersonalizing. There is a dire need to evaluate and make modifications in the way people connect with each other and the effect on people’s lifestyles. The author hopes to educate, raise awareness, and provide strategies on how to help stop this growing epidemic. With this book, the author shares strategies to assist families and the community in balancing the use of technology, and to awaken the importance of oral and written communication.

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I have purchased the book and read it.  It is an easy read and can be used as a reference manual.  Mr. Najar has provided many tools and suggestions. Very good for parents and family members.  Can be used WITH your addicted gamer. 

Liz Woolley