Getting off games

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Getting off games

Reset Your Child's Brain. By Victoria Dunckley, M.D

i followed the 3-week re-set outlined by Dr. Dunckley, and her information on the reactions were absolutely accurate. My biggest regret was we did not  make the 5 minute phone call to our phone provider to shut down our son's  smart phone as well.  My husband and I did not get on board on that until months months later, only to discover that online gaming was only part of the problem and the Smart Phone was contributing with accessing Reddit and other sites compulsively. Note: non smart phones with texting are available - just ask.

Dr. Dunckley's program works.  It is extremely difficult to find professionals to help in this so a DIY approach is best as a beginning step. Hopefully with Olganon support.  Our local group called Families Managing Media has been tremendous and referred me to Dr. Dunckley's book.  Alanon and CODA can be helpful to family if it has become pathological, as it unfortunately became in my son's case and led to a need for various professional interventions, but we are in a much better place now as a family and it began with a local group and Dr. Dunckley's book.  I recommend it to family, friends, grandparents.  The longer the gaming continues,the higher likelihood of increasing depression, anxiety and social isolation.  Academic decline including freshmen in college may or may not be symptomatic, but young people are struggling and need parents and educators to step in. I am glad to see suicide prevention groups recognizing this.

 Take steps NOW before school starts.



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Thank you for the recommendations Su.

There is an article  By Victoria Dunckley, M.D which I believe is worth reading:



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