How To Stop Gaming: A Way Out Of Computer Game Addiction

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How To Stop Gaming: A Way Out Of Computer Game Addiction

Hi All,

I began gaming when I was 8 years old, back in 1989, with a fairly simple puzzle game on a handheld console and continued to spend the majority of my free time and energy (and an amount of money) on this 'hobby' until I reached the age of 33 in 2014. At my worst I once played a well-known PC MMORPG for 3 days straight, only taking a break from the monitor in order to cook food or use the bathroom. I don’t remember sleeping. On the third day after returning to my computer from the kitchen, I took one look at my screen and felt physically ill: My body was shaking and I felt weak, cold, sweaty like I had flu and also had a sudden piercing pain behind my eyes like a migraine… all of which came about within seconds of looking at the screen. I turned my computer off immediately and went to bed.

After that key turning point in my life I tried a number of times to end my gaming addiction until I finally cracked it a number of years later, the essence of which I've summarised in the forums under this post:


Please see for more info on the book (now available to buy on Amazon)

All the best,

Dean :)