Playstation Nation by Olivia and Kurt Bruner

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Playstation Nation by Olivia and Kurt Bruner

My husband and i have both read this book, and i will be honest, it scared the living daylights out of me. I never realized before reading this book that there was such a thing as video game addiction. It is a must read.

"Olivia Bruner was one of the millions of parents asking these questions. When she saw video games taking over her young sons' lives, she decided to learn the facts behind addiction. What she found was shocking: that most games are designed to be highly addictive--triggering physiological reactions in the brain similar to those associated with substance abuse."

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Sad but believable.

Sad but believable.

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It's an excellent book, and

It's an excellent book, and the edition I read contained a link to a $5 coupon for Hobby Town, as I recall. We used it when we bought our son an RC airplane.

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sounds delicious. my first

sounds delicious. my first platform was sega genesis but i eventually had a ps3. and it was really painful for my mom to buy. in hindsight i might've not wanted her to have it in the first place? 

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