ATL holllllaaaaaa!

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ATL holllllaaaaaa!

Anyone in the Atlanta area want to meet? My husband is an excessive gamer, who needs to meet with support in person, per our couples counselor's instructions. I could use some help, too. Plus, it'd just be nice, to have someone to gab with about all this...know we're not the only people around like this, things like that. I'll even bake a pie! Hope to see you, whoever you are!

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Longtallsally, If you don't

Longtallsally, If you don't find a gaming addiction group you might try internet addiction groups or even AA or Gamblers Anonymous. The only drawback to attending AA, NA or Gamblers Anonymous meetings is that many require that only alchoholics, narcotic addicts, or gamblers speak or contribute. You'll need to check the type of meeting and what their moderators allow. Hope that helps Here at Olganon from what I've seen as a new member..there is a chat room where they hold meetings and the forums are quite useful in exchanging information, stories and connecting with other gaming addicts as well. Additionally, some sponsors will initiate voice meetings through skype, ventrillo chat programs etc. Dignified Dude

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