Cleveland Ohio F2F meeting

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Cleveland Ohio F2F meeting

Hi Everyone!


Update: 28/4/2016

The Cleveland chapter's face-to-face meeting is now held on Thursday's at 6pm:

Unitarian Universalist Society (basement)
2728 Lancashire Rd,
Cleveland, OH 44106


I will be starting the first Cleveland, Ohio meeting for video game addicts beginning July 6, 2014 on Sundays at 5pm at the following location: Night & Day Club 35403 Euclid Ave.   Willoughby, Ohio 44094   The meeting will be held every Sunday at 5pm.  There are currently 2 of us in Cleveland that I know of, and I have talked to one of the local addiction treatment centers and have gotten permission to post it on their board, and I will be contacting the other treatment centers and schools in the area going forward in the next months.

My email is  Please feel free to come to the meeting if you are in Cleveland or email me if you have any questions.  Given my work schedule, I may not be able to be present occasionally at the Sunday meeting, and if I cannot find someone to hold it that night, I will let everyone know by email.

UPDATE:  Local library is now posting the flier and the meeting has been going on every Sunday at 5pm here in Cleveland, Ohio area!



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On October 12th I will be in

On October 12th I will be in town and hope to attend.


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It was wonderful to meet you

It was wonderful to meet you Hershel!!!

UPDATE: I have talked to 2 local Psychiatrists and 1 local Psychologist who have become extremely relieved and excited to hear about this fellowship and have made copies of the flier listing my face-to-face meeting for gaming addicts as well as our online meetings to handout to patients. They indicate that they are overwhelmed with people with this addiction and view it as a serious and rapidly growing problem and were not aware there was a 12 step fellowship for it, and the relief and excitement on their faces when they saw that we existed was pretty amazing to witness.

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I notice this old thread has

I notice this old thread has somehow been bumped to the top of the forum

Please always check that a face to face meeting is going ahead before trying to attend

Check out online meetings here:


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