F2F in Cleveland Area?

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F2F in Cleveland Area?


I'm wondering if anyone knows of any F2F meetings that are happening in the Cleveland, OH area? I think that would really help me in my recovery going forward.


Is there anyway to escape this hell? Yeah, probably by living in a world with no Internet...

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I'm not aware of an OLGA

I'm not aware of an OLGA meeting in that area, Sp. Someone else may come along who knows of one though. In the meantime, I really encourage you to locate open 12 Step meetings of any sort in your area, and get your body there - your mind will follow :) Especially in the early days of recovery, simply listening to others who're dealing with addiction of any kind was a big help to me: I found a shared humanity - experienced a deep compassion for others and myself; found encouragement for my own struggle by hearing how others were making progress with theirs, many of which were far greater than I'd ever experienced; loosened the grips of my self-focus that addiction perpetuates. Be brave! hugs

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Hi SPM! I am also in the


I am also in the Cleveland area and would love to find a face to face OLGA meeting. I am active in AA and have started AA meetings but this gaming addiction has owned me. I am only 9 days clean from gaming and use OLGA online but hope to find enough game addicts to start a real meeting here in Cleveland. My AA home group is a 12 step meeting on Sunday nights at 6:30pm at the Night & Day Club next to Mr. Chicken on Euclid Ave. just east of Rt 91.

Beginners Big Book 12 Step MeetingNight & Day35403 Euclid Ave.WilloughbyOH44094

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