Meeting in Germany

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Meeting in Germany


I have already written a message like this, but I have another account now (and i was sober in this time...)

So, my concern is to ask for people in Germany who wants to do meetings (face to face or via phone or email). The best will be to write me an email about this forum.

At the time i have contact to one friend in stuttgart, and i phone with him regulary. That works fine, but I would be glad about it to find more contacts!

My main problem games are simulations and strategy games. I was sober from gaming for nearly 3 years now but have had relapses since 4 Month now and will not go on like this. The main problems are the loss of control over the time i spend in those games. And the bad "feeling" or depression after such sessions.

With best regards and good 24h

Martin from Germany, Kaiserslautern

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Don't give up, we have a few

Don't give up, we have a few people from there.

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