Meeting in south carolina ?

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Meeting in south carolina ?

I would love to have a face to face meeting in south carolina where i live
that would help me so much !!! ...But how do u start meetings ??

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We can provide you with some

We can provide you with some literature to place in addictions agencies and other places where people in need will see them, but the first step is to find a venue such as a local church or community centre. Depending on your relationship with the place you approach, you may be able to get a venue for free; that's the goal. :) We have the ability here on the site to see if others are from your area. The rest involves some work connecting with people in your community who will want to meet. Of course, all you need is two people to start your meeting, and if you step out in faith, you'll find that things will fall into place. Other things to consider are public service announcements in community newspapers etc. The meeting itself is a 12-Step format, and we have the documents you need right here on this web site. I've been through this process, so please let me know if I can help you. -Brad

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You might consider using

You might consider using also.

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