Still a Loner in Germany

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Still a Loner in Germany


My name is Martin and i have already wrote on this site. I am addicted to video-games (and movies...)! I come from Germany, Rheinland-Pfalz, Kaiserslautern.
I write this, a second time, because i immediately need others to work with. I go to another 12 step group for 2 years now. There is another videogamer. He mostly played ot game-consoles. I am by the help of my higher power an my willingess to give gaming up sober for 3 years now.
But I am doing an education to become a technician in mechanical engingeering. And my current problem is, that there i have to use CAD-software. Now I am affraid that this I could not do, because there you draw 3d-virtual Objekts, and it strongly remember me to my games. I played all - From Ego-Shooters to racing simulations and apparent harmless flight or trainsimulators but for example load down add on planes for many hours and lose controll over spending time in front of them... Did anyone have own experience with akin situations?
And If anyone here is from Germany or knows anybody form here, please contakt me :) At best over this forum I think "private message" or so...

With best regards and good 24h
Martin, from Germany RP

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I'm sorry there isn't a

I'm sorry there isn't a chapter in your area. Have you considered creating one? It's a lot of work but may be worthwhile if you can find other people in your situation. About the mechanical engineering job and the CAD software, I understand your point. I can't decide for you, but don't rush into anything you are not ready for . It seems like you have lots of time in front of you. There was a thread I read here about somebody being offered a job at a video-games store, but I can't find it at the moment. This may sound weird, but I love the German way of spelling with a K. Objekts. :) Looks cool. Good luck with your decisions and with finding other gamers in your area.

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All I can say is if your job

All I can say is if your job risks your recovery, then maybe its no longer the right thing for you. =/ Only you can decide. I know that for myself, anything that might stand in the way of my recovery would go down the tube, no hesitation. Your life is worth more than the risk. Pain of addiction is right though. If you want in-person support, the best thing is to look for other addiction support groups or start your own OLGA chapter. All the best luck to you, and let your HP guide you.

"Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win." -Jonothan Kozol

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