Accountability for Game Developers

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Accountability for Game Developers

As a long time MMO player, I've seen developers come and go. The current market is nothing more than a Smash and Grab Robbery. They come out with a new game, give it a founders pack with early access to get you hooked then make a **** game.
The worst is when you have a sub game that has long subscription options 6-12 months or more, then the game goes free to play.
Now its even worse with the new crime… Crowd funding. What a joke. Hey give me your money and in a few years when we go live you can play it. Sad part is, there are 1000's of people willing to pay for the chance of taking part in a game they have very limited knowledge of.
In the current market its been proven that you don't have to make a good game to get paid. There are numerous examples out there.
What happened to Developers who are in it to make a solid game along with making money.