Games That Design Themselves

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Games That Design Themselves

The article at"> says:

Quote:MIT's Media Lab is building 'a game that designs its own AI agents by observing the behavior of humans.' Their ultimate goal? 'Collective AI-driven agents that can interact and converse with humans without requiring programming or specialists to hand-craft behavior and dialogue.'

I am concerned about this feature possibly increasing the games' addictive potential. However, if these "AI agents" have some actual intelligence, and are not restricted in this fashion, they might occasionally say something like this to the players: "Hey, Mack, you have been playing for a lot of hours recently. Perhaps you should take a break and do something else for a while?"!

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What will "they" think of

What will "they" think of next? lol Yeah, I can imagine how this new type of gaming could be addictive, too. True, they probably could warn of about time spent playing.... or become self-aware (like in the movies) lol jk

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