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Hello, an Avatar Is Calling You

The article, at http://www.businessweek.com/...">http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/may2009/tc20090519_154655..., has a sub-title of "Second Life, Sony, and Lenovo are adding Internet phone features to their virtual worlds as Web calling becomes a must-have for social sites". It says that these sites plan to start charging for calling "one another over the Web -- even when they're not immersed in a game." The reason (in addition to making more money themselves) is "to forge tighter bonds between the virtual communities and the people who inhabit them by helping players make real-world connections from their phones".

Of course, this will also help strengthen one of the aspects that people find the most addicting, i.e., the social aspect. Some additional details mentioned in the article are:

Quote:Lenovo has more ambitious plans. The company's eLounge site -- available on the Web to any PC user -- will let customers talk to Lenovo sales reps, and voices will get louder as avatars get nearer to other residents of the site. "It allows us to create a cocktail party effect" in which people can listen in on several conversations at once, says Nic Sauriol, leader of Nortel's Web.Alive unit. ...

Rob Seaver, founder of Vivox, says the biggest benefit of incorporating voice calls into games and virtual worlds may be enhanced time spent on the sites. For example, EverQuest users who make voice calls are less likely to quit playing the game. ...

- John O.

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Just pick up Skype and call

Just pick up Skype and call them for free! Sure beats trying to do all of that in a game. It sounds so confusing to me. I still cannot keep up in my real life WITHOUT playing games! (I need more time, I need more time!)

Liz Woolley

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