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my story

What happened is awful, ya EQ is addictive but I know no one who was as into it as your son seems to be. There should be a way to help thoes who get carried away. It should be recognized that you could say the same thing about a tv show, I mean anything can kill you if you get carried away in it. EQ should make it easier to quit game, it does make it unusually long to log off.

It is awful that this happened, I feel and pray for you, God bless... heres a story... one that shows how EQ make someone truely happy...I did not write it... thanks please read this.

Repost:This is from Doladin(60 Pal, been playing with drisc since the beginning).

Drisc was my RL best friend and the reason i played this game. He didnt have the best health and in 7th grade he did have a heart transplant, it was the last day of school and i was one of the first to get the calls, one of the worst days of my life. Drisc came out of the hospital and started playing Rainbow six and we started a clan Called fsf. He loved the computer, making websites and playing games. He went back in to the hospital sometime for another surgery nothing serious and when he started i got him to play the game everquest.

He started playing a lot and got to know many people. He and i always went to guilds together until he left gathering storm and i decided to take a break. I came back to see my lvl 30 bard friend was now 54 in full singing steel. i knew before actually because he kept calling me and alerting me. During the last 6 months his health started getting a worse, i didnt really want to face it because he is my best friend and i really didnt want to lose him.

Well about a month ago he went into the hospitial and his parents kept telling us, "oh its nothing dont worry". i knew he wasnt doing great because i can tell if his mom is hiding soemthing from me, probably cause i spent everyweekend of my life there. His birthday was on august 10th and he died 5 days afterwards. My mom came in the morning of august 15th and told me about drisc's passing. He died at 4:00 in the morning.

Sorry about the spelling and grammer its hard for me to write this and i have been planning but just didnt really wanna face this. He stayed on his computer in everquest for the last few months of his life and i know he considered you all his family. He isnt in pain anymore.Even though he is out of our life he is still there up in heaven smiling and laughing whenever you guys kick a mobs ass. =)

Drisc 58 Bard Brian Campell Driscoll August 10,1983-August 15, 2001

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Re: my story

To the young man whose friend played Everquest through his illness until he passed, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and indeed Everquest does have a payoff and a benefit, ironically as any addiction does. But online gaming can be an addiction, no less serious than one of the classics like smoking or alcohol addiction.

Now I am not a physician, but someone who has an addiction of some kind usually has other addictions as well whether they are food/eating addictions, drinking or whatever. As I said above, addictions have payoffs. Think about it. Drinking can help someone relax, or feel less intimidated and more powerful. Eating can provide comfort. Playing Everquest can make one forget his real life problems and be a "hero" and accomplish great things that maybe a person cannot do in real life.

Now I have played Everquest for 3 years so I understand the payoffs completely. The problem comes when it is easier to play the game rather than confront ones' real life issues. This is the pattern I live/lived. Now that I've finally stopped playing, I look around at my real life and it's chaos. It is for many, but part of the solution is to begin by understanding the problem. Young people today criticize smokers saying "Don't blame the cigarette companies, everyone knows cigarettes are harmful to your health." Well the truth is even 20 years ago people DIDN'T know. It was only through the efforts of those who fought the tobacco companies and who secured the release of millions of pages of secret documentation of the tobacco companies in which they acknowledged the deadly consequences of using their products.

I think in time as computer/online addiction becomes better understood, it will be seen as no less serious than other addictions. I expect that there will be others who will be upset by my "personal" questions in my post above. But those who are most upset are the ones who those questions most apply to.

-RJJ- -Everquest addict since May, 1999-

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