New technologies - enhance our lives or diminish humanity....

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New technologies - enhance our lives or diminish humanity....

Although not mentioned, gaming needs to be included in the discussion of the Doomsday Clock:

Doomsday Clock Set at 5 'Til Midnight
By By Stephanie Pappas, Senior Writer 13 hours ago

Doomsday Clock Set at 5 Til Midnight

Tick, tock ... The Doomsday Clock is a metaphor for threats to humanity from technology.

The iconic Doomsday Clock remains poised at five minutes until midnight, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced today (Jan. 14).

The clock is no doomsday device -- rather, it's a visual metaphor for the danger of a "civilization-threatening technological catastrophe." Every year, the board analyzes international threats, particularly nuclear arsenals and climate change, and decides where the minute hand on the Doomsday Clock should rest. The closer it is to midnight, the closer the world is to doom.

"As always, new technologies hold the promise of doing great good, supplying new sources of clean energy, curing disease, and otherwise enhancing our lives. From experience, however, we also know that new technologies can be used to diminish humanity and destroy societies," the board wrote. "We can manage our technology, or become victims of it. The choice is ours, and the Clock is ticking." [How the Doomsday Clock Has Changed (Infographic)]

To read more, go to this link:

Liz Woolley

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Well....I've never been a

Well....I've never been a dooomsday person or a conspiracy theorist which in my mind sorta fit into the same category in a way. However, I do believe that humanity is not elevating itself in many ways.

It's kind of like the old saying...just because you can do something, doesn't mean it's the best thing. That seems to be ignored lately. Speaking about the entertainment industry only right now, corruption and evil pay more than heartwarming movies mostly because they are cheaper to make and they've set a course for people to expect similar type games. Therefore, more evil games, more evil movies, more's sad. It's much harder to create a movie script that can get us to think or feel on a deeper level than it is to put up yet another action or horror film.

However, I do believe in positive thinking and that one person helping another whether it be through research to cure a disease or a smile at someone as you cross the street is so important. I hope we don't lose that ability to look up once in awhile from our smartphones and notice the world around us. Also I hope we need to take that control back and start selecting what we view on tv and at the movies carefully and send a clear message that those kinds of movies and games (for those who can play and are not addicted!) are unacceptable. Unfortunately the financial bottom line is the only thing they respond to.

Just my thoughts on one tiny portion of this.

"Even when you think it's about you, it's not about you." Dr. Bill

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As great as new technology

As great as new technology seems, I believe it serves to do nothing more than diminish our humanity. Doomsday Clock aside, this I believe to be an irreversible fact of life. I especially believe it as far as gaming is concerned. Gaming stole my humanity. Took it away from me before I even had a chance to develop it. And having autism certainly did nothing to help. Which is why I'm going through such a hard time now.

Such technology as gaming has given me nothing but pain. NOTHING. And I believe that they will continue to give pain to people all over. Even to those who are not addicted. Because that's what they're designed to do. Plain and simple.

That's my thoughts.

Is there anyway to escape this hell? Yeah, probably by living in a world with no Internet...

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Technology, like games, are

Technology, like games, are neither good nor bad. It's how we use them that will determine if they are good or bad.

Andrew Doan MD PhD

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*The views expressed are of the author's and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the U.S. Navy or Department of Defense.

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