Gamer Rage/Addiction and Babies Can Be Lethal

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Gamer Rage/Addiction and Babies Can Be Lethal

Melanie Hempe, RN and I have compiled a collection of news reports illustrating that gamer rage and babies do not mix. Our society needs to be educated and take action, rather than letting this happen repeatedly. If you have a game raging or gaming addicted spouse or significant other, please read this, be informed, and take action.

High Point dad accused of punching, killing baby: "Prosecutors have said Frazier confessed his role in Khan's death to detectives, detailing in a statement how he "snapped" and punched the baby in the face after the child cried while he was playing video games."

Man held in death of baby son: "The Glens Falls Post-Star reported that King was upset that the boy would not stop crying while his father played video games."

"Jacob Hartley Killed Crying Son For Interrupting Video Game, Cops Say"

Father killed his three-month-old daughter when her crying interrupted his video game

Father Killed Child Over Video Game: "The mother said 17-month-old Alayiah was violently punched by Tyrone Spellman over a video game."

FarmVille Playing Mom Admits She Killed Infant Who Interrupted Facebook Game

"A 2-year-old girl died after being beaten with a video game controller by her mother's boyfriend"

The scary thing is that the above are only stories that made the news. Here is one that did not make the news that I must tell.

Fourteen years ago, my daughter was only a few weeks old. I gladly volunteered to stay up all night to feed the baby, because I was a video game addict who stayed up all night playing 50-100 hours a week and was up anyways. While feeding her with a bottle, she had difficulty sucking on the bottle. I was extremely agitated because I had a crying, irritated baby. I was already sleep deprived from gaming through the night. At one point, out of frustration I shoved the bottle, extremely hard, in her 2 week mouth. She was crying so hard she could barely breathe. I was on the brink of losing it because I wanted to go back to gaming as well as I was full of gaming rage.

I tell this story to illustrate that I understand, as a gaming addict, as a father who's been there, as a medical professional, and as a neuroscientist, the mental process that develops in the mind of a gaming addict and one who gaming rages.

The solution is to recognize that gaming rage and gaming addiction is a serious problem!

Please pass this on and share this information with your contacts, before another baby dies or injured because we ignore and deny that gaming addiction and gaming rage are real.

May God have mercy on me and other gaming addicts.

Humbly saddened,

Andrew Doan, MD, PhD

What is the Neurobiology of Gamer Rage? -

If you know gamers who are addicted or have problems with regulating their gaming, please seek professional help for them!

The following survey was published by a research study at the Iowa State University conducted by Douglas Gentile, PhD. The following questions are based on diagnostic criteria for addictive gambling behavior:

1. Over time, have you been spending much more time playing video games, learning about video game playing, or planning the next opportunity to play?

2. Do you need to spend more time and money on video games in order to feel the same amount of excitement as other activities in your life?

3. Have you tried to play video games for shorter durations of times but have been unsuccessful?

4. Do you become restless or irritable when you attempt to cut down or stop playing video games?

5. Have you played video games as a way to escape problems or negative feelings?

6. Have you lied to family or friends about how much you play video games?

7. Have you ever stolen a video game from a store or a friend, or stolen money to buy a video game?

8. Do you sometimes skip household chores in order to play more video games?

9. Do you sometimes skip homework or work in order to play more video games?

10. Have you ever done poorly on a school assignment, test, or work assignment because you have spent so much time playing video games?

11. Have you ever needed friends or family to give you extra money because you've spent too much of your own money on video games, software, or game Internet fees?

If you answered "yes" to six or more of these questions, then you most likely have an addiction to video games. If "yes" is answered to five or less questions, then there may be a problem.

For more information, please go to: and

Gathered from news:

Andrew Doan MD PhD

My Videos: Internet gaming disorder is real & my story 

*The views expressed are of the author's and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the U.S. Navy or Department of Defense.

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