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life in ruins

Thanks for sharing your story, and those before you., and I'm very grateful for having found this website. My 14-yr.-old son threatened to commit suicide over his games, I don't really know what the names were, all I know is what he told me, and his dad(my ex-husband), that the games were controlling him, that he could no longer play them like he used to. He's a 9th grader, used to be in AB honor roll, until 4 wks. ago when we found out most of his grades were failing.

We've taken the games away from him, so for 6 days now, he hasn't played again. However, my husband told me that my son asked him if he'll be able to play again. My husband's answer was, "I don't know", which I think is correct. My husband and I both are in 2 different 12-step programs, so we understand how it is to have an addiction. I know, for myself, that this program works, if the person afflicted wants it. It works for me and it has turned my life around. It's not a religious, but a spiritual program, founded in the principles of "H-O-W", that is Honesty, Openmindedness, and Willingness.

We live in a place where there are all kinds of support group meetings except OLGA. Therefore, after I talk to Liz, I might consider opening one here, with the help of my husband and son, who, now, recognizes he has the disease/addiction.

In the meantime, I have arranged for a meeting with my son's teachers and a separate one with a therapist. My child, incidentally, is a high-functioning autistic kid, but attends mainstream classrooms.

Thanks and keep the sharing coming. Just like I tell my son, pray that God will take away your urge to play(video/computer game) today, and thank Him that you didn't have the urge yesterday. Life will get better everyday that you don't play(you know what play means here).

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Re: life in ruins

Hello Zeny,

Thank you for your post.

I need you to find out what games your son played. You need to do this, so you know what your son is doing on the computer. Also, can you please post them here, or e-mail the list to me? I am gathering information about this activity, and that would be helpful to know.

I hope you will start a chapter of OLGA there. Please let me know when you want to do this. I can send you information, and I will post information about your chapter on this board. This can be very helpful to you, your family, your son, and your community.

Please keep us posted, on how you are doing.


Liz Woolley

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