Newborn killed for interrupting video game

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Newborn killed for interrupting video game

The article at"> says that:

Quote:A man accused of killing a newborn baby because the child was interrupting his video game has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Rene Edward Barrios entered his plea Thursday and will be sentenced to somewhere between 10.5 and 21 years in prison on Sept. 30 by Pima County Superior Court Judge Richard Fields.

Barrios, 26, was living with Jaden Encinas' mother on Oct. 26, 2007, when she left their apartment to run errands.

She told police her 18-day-old baby was sleeping on their bed when she left.

Prosecutors allege that when the child started to cry, Barrios paused his video game, went into the bedroom and shook the baby and hit him in the head.

Barrios left the baby comatose on the bed and spent the next five to 10 minutes finishing his game, authorities said.

When Barrios went back into the bedroom, the baby was blue and he called 911.

Police said the baby wasn't breathing when firefighters arrived at the apartment and the child was pronounced dead at the hospital.

- John O.

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Wow(i mean"omg" wow,not

Wow(i mean"omg" wow,not warcraft - just to clarify).............i knew that games were creating a lot of problems for a lot of people,didnt know it was actually so common. Talk about a wake up call as to what games can do to you if you're not careful. I tried to think of how that makes me feel.Sadly,the english language has neither the nouns or superlatives to state how sick i feel having read that :(

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How sad. Stories like that

How sad. Stories like that really make you realize how these games can create an alternate reality for you, making you forget your current situations. Again, how terribly sad.

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