Travon Martin was playing video games (PS3) for a number of hours the day of his death.

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Travon Martin was playing video games (PS3) for a number of hours the day of his death.

Not that there is any proof that gaming had anything to do with his death or with Travon Martin jumping George Zimmerman that night, but we do know that gaming can cause violence, and he was gaming (SP3) for a unknown number of hours earlier that day.

The witness (Jad Josef) didn't know how many hours they were gaming. He was still gaming when Travon left to get some "food" (skittles and ice tea) for the 2 of them. Sounds like a typical gamer supper.

If I were the defense I would have asked if Travon Martin played violent video games, however, they did not get too much information out of this witness (Jad Josef).

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G-D help Travon if you were

G-D help Travon if you were the defense.

Just leave it alone Dude.

It is over with.

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Somehow I have the

Somehow I have the impression that this post has more to do with taking sides in a very controversial event, in a way that is certain to turn this post in a huge mess, than with examining the potential role of video games in this

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