2018 Fund Raising Campaign Update

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2018 Fund Raising Campaign Update

This is a message from our Executive Director of Outreach, John Langel, Sr.:

Thank you to everyone who has made a contribution to On-Line Gmers Anonymous® so for. We appreciate your notes of encouragement. Thank you for sharing your kind words of what OLGA/Olganon has meant to you.

Our goal for this 2018 campaign, is $10,000.

So far in this campaign 13 people have contributed, for a total of $573. 

This is what your donations will be used for:

· Maintenance of the OLGA / OLG-Anon / Outreach Hotline
· Cost of dedicated server to host this website ($100 a month)
· Our domain names
· Update of website to latest version of software
· Upgrade website to:
- Get the page counters, views and statistics working again
-  include a better Chatroom
-  a better Search tool
-  see who is in Chatroom on front page of website
-  Better, secure login method
-  Change menus to automatically drop down, when you hover over them

If you haven't already, please take the opportunity now, to donate and support this organization. Here is the link: Donate Here!

Have a blessed day!

Be encouraged.

JML Thankful