27 year old massively addicted

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27 year old massively addicted

Hi, I'm here for my friend. I'll just call him Sam. Sam is VERY addicted to gaming. I'm his roommate, he lives in his mom's house, doesn't really have a job (he has a fix it business that he doesn't really do, I think he goes out once a week to fix things up) he not pulling his weight and stepping up to pay for rent, he does the bare minimum to get expenses paid, and I've even talked to his mother and realized hes not paying rent! and his mom ends up paying for most of the rent other than me. Its stressing his mom out. He literally plays video games all day. That's it. I'm up at 4 am becsuse I can't sleep and I can still hear him playing video games. When I wake up, he sleeps in till like 2pm and then gets up and plays video games all day.
His mother has broken all of his cds before. Hes been kicked out of the house before, hes had both of his siblings take him in under their wings and got kicked out due to attitude issues (he gets mean when he plays video games).
He cusses like a sailor, I mean, sailors would give him a gold star for how much he cusses it's making both of us crazy.

Where do I start? Do I ask him and try to understand why hes doing this? Like do I ask "why do you think you play video games all day? I think its unhealthy"....etc.

I remember when I was addicted I played like 8 to 10 hours of games a day and I was really unhappy with my life. I dont know if that's how he feels but I know when I stopped playing so much it made me feel better.

I dont know how to help him.
Does she need to threaten him to get a job or get kicked out again? I dont know if that's motivating to him since hes been kicked out before.


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Welcome Emily

Welcome Emily

You ask some good questions.

There is no one approach. You can start by trying to relate to him one to one but you might not get any visible results ( on the inside he may be listening a little)

When people are addicted they will generally only have to face up to what is going on once they feel some serious consequences.

While he is comfortable there is no need for him to change.

You need to see how your actions are currently helping him to continue to game.

If you look at the help links in my signature below for parents and for So's/spouses they will take you to threads that can help you learn more. There is a lot of reading involved. Then you may have a better idea on what you can do and make a plan.

I recommend you look at the 'intervention/communication' threads and enabling threads in particular.



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