Dating a Gamer

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Dating a Gamer

Hi my name is Lou,
I would love help with my life delema of dating a gamer. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for three years. We moved in together after two and I always knew he liked to play video games. At first I didnt mind taking care of him, we were great together except I felt lonely. I was and still am the only one working and the only one who takes care of our home. He wont clean or cook or even let the dog out, just sleep and play video games. He wont eat unless I cook for him or bring him food. Whenever I ask if he could help he gets mad. He says "its my dog" or that "its easier to keep a mess clean when its been cleaned" i pick his laundry off the floor everyday and the dog pees on it everday. Its been so long. I worry for his health, his weight is crazy low and his teeth are terrible. Im 7 months pregnant now and he cares more about chatting with friends all night and day than helping. He will go to the doctor but stays on his phone discord messaging them. Some are women he cant wait to get back to because there at a part in the game. I dont know what to do, i dont want the baby to be without a father and he would be fine never marrying me just staying a couple. His cusion moved in and is the same; games and sleeping except his cuz will eat all my food. He pays a portion of rent but only that. I also clean up after him. What do I do or say?

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Welcome !

Welcome !

It's your life. Do you want to settle for this situation ?

He sounds like an addict and you are enabling him to continue as you make it easy for him by looking after him like a child.

You are worried about his weight; it must be scary to see him so thin.

I think you need to find support elsewhere; it doesn't sounds like he is able to take care of you or your child.You need a father who is a good role model, not one who is likely to neglect his family ... it sends out bad messages to children about their self-worth.  Come back and read the forums and the spouses information linked below.

To have two people gaming in my home and not helping, using my food would drive me crazy.


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