feeling isolated and lonely

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feeling isolated and lonely

Last Aug my husband got the chance to work from home. Around that same time we faced two tramatic events with our girls, 15 and 20 years old. One was the victim of a crime, then a few weeks after that my oldest was in an accident (her driving and me as the passenger) in his truck. Thank God there was minor injuries, but major property damage. Now he stays up way later than he used to when he had to commute into work and sleeps in late and is constantly playing WOW or Rocket League all the time. He has two computer screens and when I walk into the office he jumps a little in his chair and starts looking at his work screen but I see his creature flying on the bigger screen in WOW. He would not attend a family session of counseling recently because he is afraid the counselor is going to call him out on his behavior. He comes to bed around 4am every night. He barely gets off the computer to eat dinner. He's always saying it's his way to relax but I tell him he is addicted, he justs laughs at that. I have friends and work and my girls, but I still feel hopeless that our marriage is suffering and he doesn't care. Or maybe it's just that he doesn't see his addiction. I tell him the girls will be out of the house before we know it and I'd like to work on our marriage before they leave so when it's just us, we are in a good place. I don't know if this will help, but thanks for those who are listening.

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Welcome Coley

Welcome Coley

You are not alone !

You will find more resources on the spouses forums. Check out my link for spouses in my signature below. i hope you find the tools linked from that thread helpful.


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