Husband's WOW friends

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Husband's WOW friends

Long story short, my husband made online friends in WOW two months ago. He considers them his best friends (and vice versa). I don't understand how your best friend can be a voice over the internet whom you have never met. Now these "friends" have left his guild and ghosted him for no reason and he is devastated. He considered them family. While I think it was an odd situation I don't feel surprised because I just consider most gamers to be unreliable, childish flakes.
I also feel like he liked spending time with them more than time with me which hurts a lot too.
I am doing my best to support him in his grief but it is taking all of me not to just comment that he only knew them for two months, that that does not make them family, and that he needs to pursue his "real" friends who are here in person. Also that he shouldn't be trusting voices over the internet so easily, especially if he is going to get so attached to them.
I just don't relate to this kind of relationship so it is confusing and kinda hurts.

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Welcome and thanks for

Welcome and thanks for sharing

These games are very addictive and the friendship element is also part of that.

People do become very attached to others in the game and can loose a sense of proportion about it. It's part of the addiction which is very very strong for some people. He is chemically hooked. The chemicals are brain hormones such a dopamine.

I understand how you feel let down by his bonding to other people online and discounting of real life family. It's very fake. He is under the spell. i hope that he stays off the game and recovers ( abstaining promotes brain healing) and you get through this

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