Tonight’s Meeting

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Tonight’s Meeting

It was very powerful to hear other people struggle with my struggle. To feel what I feel, and want to recover. I'm happy it's not too late, it's hard when you're life is falling apart already then getting help. I really identified with terms like isolation. I've alienated every friendship I've ever had , lied to myself and said my friends were "in there". 
Reggie spoke of guilt and shame and how the two are defined. As where I can quote it, it spoke directly with what my week of loneliness and suffering has been like. The quote offered warmth but also honesty. 

ill be back, I found my people at long last.




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good to hear

Hi Joshua, glad to hear you connected with other gaming addicts in recovery. That was a major turning point for me. For as long as I tried to handle it all on my own, not only did I fail to get better but I kept getting worse. I never have to do that again, if I stay off games and keep doing the things that help me abstain.

Meetings are where it's at! There are three to five meetings every day between OLGA and CGAA, so lots of flexibility to fit meetings into your schedule. There's a list of meetings at

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It's cool to read that, you

It's cool to read that, you did great!

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