In need of serious help. LeagueOfLegends/videogame/Porn/Sex Addiction

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In need of serious help. LeagueOfLegends/videogame/Porn/Sex Addiction

Hello my name is johl and im from perth WA. I have a huge addiction to videogames. From when i was a young child "around 5" i have been playing vidogames none stop, I have had this addiction for as long as I can remember. My family has a very addictive nature, most of my family has an addiction to somthing. I remember as a child all I could think about at school was the videogame I would play when i got home. When I was 12 I traveled australia on a homebus it didnt even help. I would always want to play videogames....... We had one computer and i would be on it for at least 7 hours a day, and when I wasnt on it I would think about it. Videogames are everything I know. Every skill I have learnt in life has been from videogames. When I moved to the city it got even worse, I got into dota 2 and now league of legends. I have also gotten a very bad sex and porn addiction, it has ruined man relationships of mine.... I reached challenger in league but then I was soon banned for being toxic. 2 accounts so far have been banned. I havent been out much since December last year...... I dont have a job and im broke, I dont know how to keep living like this. I spend all my money on league, alcohol and weed.  Videogames have been my whole life ever since I was born. Honestly for me it feels impossable to stop playing videogames. Since I know nothing else...... I have had suicidal thoughts since I was 15. Knowing I would be useless If i stopped playing videogames. This is so hard to even type, but im not sure where else to get help. No one can just tell me to stop, because I wont. If i stop playing videogames, I have no knowledge of anothing else. I need serious help...... But im not even sure how anyone can help me....  

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Welcome Johl.  Thanks for sharing your story, I can relate to a lot of it.

I used to be where you are.  I felt hopelessly out of control with my gaming and the thought of a life completely without games made me feel sick.  I was fortunate to have found this website where I met people who understood me and my love for gaming and my fear of letting it go.  Listening to them talk in the voice meetings, I realized I'm not alone in this.  Together we can do what we cannot do alone.

Listen in on a meeting.  You don't have to talk or do anything.  Hope to see you there.



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Hi Johl

Hi Johl

I hear your story. I want to give you a big hug and say everything will be OK. You will find acceptance at the meetings. It's a real good place to start. I'm saying a prayer for you that you will be able to take a step forward to a new way of being.


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