RPG Expert - Reasons to Quit EverQuest

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RPG Expert - Reasons to Quit EverQuest

I copied this over from another website.....it is rather long....

RPG Expert - Reasons to Quit EverQuest

Date Added: September 3, 2003

1. The game is extremely repetitive in nature. Go over there, kill the monster, loot it, wash, rinse and repeat over and over and over.

2. Your work will suffer. If you work near a computer you will waste work time going to www.Allakhazam.com or www.EQAtlas.com to look stuff up. YouaEU(tm)ll come home during lunch to see if the spawn you are camping is up. YouaEU(tm)ll take sick days when your guild has a big raid. IaEU(tm)m telling you.. your work will suffer.

3. Your family will suffer. Faction with your wife will plummet to an all time low. Girls already have this innate need to feel they are the most important thing in your dang life. Anything that creeps up to take No.1 place, bumping them out, will make them jealous. They will grow to hate the game and resent anything related to EverQuest. She will use EverQuest in arguments over and over, claiming itaEU(tm)s more important that your family. And sheaEU(tm)ll be right.

4. ItaEU(tm)s a poor excuse of a hobby. I tried using this as an excuse to play. aEUoeHoney, itaEU(tm)s a hobby. If I were fishing or some other hobby, you wouldnaEU(tm)t complain.aEU These days, nobody considers computer games a hobby unfortunately. Hobbies typically have something to show for your efforts I hear. What do you have to show for your effort on EverQuest? What? A 65th level Woof Elf Ranger with lots of nice gear? See what I mean?

5. It will make you fat. Sheez, look at all the EverQuest Conventions pictures. All fat people. You canaEU(tm)t put in a lot of time playing and not weight under 200 pounds, unless you are anemic or something.

6. Lack of sleep. EverQuest comes alive after about 10pm. The time zone changes with all the guild members makes for long nights raiding. You have dark circles under your eyes. You walk around in a stupor for the first few hours of the day because you were in a great group until 2 am and didnaEU(tm)t want to log.

7. Waste of money. DonaEU(tm)t make me add all this up. Costs about $12 per month, thataEU(tm)s $144 a year. Basic game cost me $30, plus every expansion (basic, Kunark, Luclin, Velious, LoY, Planes of Power... and now LDoN) that came out (about $30 an expansion on average) equals $150 soon to be $180. I got a character banned, so I bought me another one for $150. Character was stripped so I had to buy some platinum online, which was another $150. Found a few choice items at mysupersales.com I had to buy, $75. Geez.. I cold have bought a motorcycle with the money I have spent so far.

8. You canaEU(tm)t explore other good games when you are devoting 40 hours a week playing EQ. Oh yeah, you download the demo and goof around with it for 10 minutes, but you are not really digging into it. Aw, this game sucks.. back to EQ. Pretty soon you are saying to yourself, aEUoeSheez, Anarchy Online stole that idea from EverQuest. EverQuest is the game you judge all others by.

9. You want to talk to others about EverQuest who donaEU(tm)t play. They think you are a real freak as you tell them the game is so cool and in depth. Make sure to mention EQ weddings, the jewelry with special stats and effects, all your good friends in your guild, and how you have mastered the trade skills of baking and pottery. Oh no, this doesnaEU(tm)t sound strange to anyone.

10. You become anti-social to people you can touch. You really find your EQ friends more enjoyable than real life people. You work on finding a mate on EQ so you can group together, have a wedding and crap like that. You are conversing more in private chats with someone than you do in real life. Now, tell me that isnaEU(tm)t odd.

The list can go on and on. Oh, donaEU(tm)t think I am going to quit anytime soon. I just got I a great guild, hit level 65, and I met this chick in-game who really looks hot. IaEU(tm)m here for the long haul.

Stay safe and happy hunting

Comments / Feedback:

Jukeandstrike on tarrew marr
September 11, 2003

You are so right in so many ways. I have quit eq 4x and keep coming back. It preoccupies your mind at all times of the day and yet in moderation there is nothing wrong with playing any game even eq but question is how much is moderation? 1 hr a day (you cant get anything done in a hour on eq) 2 hrs every couple days? No matter how little you play the time you do will acount for what? You will have missed out on time to laugh and play with your wife/girlfriend, kids, friends, you could have learned an instrument to play for the rest of your life, gotten better grades in school or done higher quality work at your job. So why are you playing, why am i playing the lousy 3hrs a week I do, just to get trained and killed in my last 5 minutes online? Think about it>

Zuggles on Prexus
September 15, 2003

It really is an addiction like drugs, smokes, alcohol. I'm not addicted to any substance but I now know what being addicted to something is like. Even when you know it's bad for you, like smokes, you still have the urge to do it. You just don't know WHY you have to, but getting a fix of your addiction just makes things all peachy. Weird...but true. At least I have an understanding gf and still make good grades in college, but I've quit 2x and still came back for more.

squinty on aro
September 16, 2003

Oh quit complaining you whiners! Don't forget, everything we do in life means nothing in the end anyway, lol. At least i'm having fun.

McDibble on Torvonnilous
September 17, 2003

Life is for us to enjoy! If you enjoy it, that gives it value. Enjoy your life (and Clerics rule). McD

Paul Elliot on ML
September 18, 2003

I know a guy who named his son after his first everquest character, Skyler. Now THAT's going tooo far. Some people need let go.

anon on Tribunal
September 20, 2003

When they come out with EQ2, will you really bother with EQ1 anymore? What is the point of this boring game? I think most will ditch EQ1 for EQ2.

Liklick Longtongue on Drinal
September 24, 2003

Yes your work and relationship with your wife will suffer if you don't play in moderation. Play when she's not home, find a guild that raids during the day or on weekends, and do things in the game to make it non-repetitive. You can do a tradeskill for a while, quest some items, start some alts for fun, and with LDoN, the game changed a lot. Also, what did you mention about buying a motorcycle? Think about the costs of that. Helmet and other equipment, fixing things that break, title and registration, plates, insurance, and gas to name a few. All things in life cost money, don't complain about it and get used to the fact. And as for playing other games, I do, all the time. Just bought F-Zero GX and Soul Calibur II and I play those more than EQ right now. Just because you take something too far doesn't mean others do too.

Author of article on MT
September 25, 2003

Mr. Lickylick, Congragulations, you are the only person to ever buy the game EverQuest who hasn't let it completly run their life for a portion of their lives. You are what all addicted everquests players aspire to be. That your character is only level 11 is beside the point. Heh.

Liklick Longtongue on Drinal
September 25, 2003

Haha, say what you like to make yourself feel better, no need to try and make me look bad because I critisize your article. It was one-sided, I was merely showing the other side.

Waxmachine on Ventrill serrilis
September 30, 2003

video games are my hobby and yea it is a hobby. do old men that fish at run down water holes every weekend and catch zero fish recieve anything but the satisfaction of doing what they want to do. as soon as i turned 18 people started saying i played games to much. i used to play games all day now that im officaily an adult im supposed to stop doing the things i enjoy. if your family life is suffering becasue of a video game then maybe somethings wrong with your family. if your job suffers its not the game its your lack of self control. im 19 and can manage a social life and a eq life with no problems at all. its all about not staying on for 9 hours staright. get off for awhile. go do some lawnwork and then come back in a couple hours.

Lucara on Erollisi Marr
October 6, 2003

Oukamii Nitefang on Luclin
October 7, 2003

I agree with u on many things, but I play EQ twice a week rather than spending endless hours on it like some people I know.

Ex-EQ'er Nekrosys Psykosys on Prexus
October 8, 2003

I used to have a 60 erudite necro with all spells up to that level and 2,000+ hps and Zland's Heart, Thurgadin Quest armor, Solstice Ear, Hammered Hoop, Chardok rings, Clicky belt, etc. I found EQ beginning to be a weight. At this level you MUST spend HOURS playing to get anywhere, and still my gear was nothing compared to what my uberguild friends had, who of course spent more time that me online. I am talking between 4 hours to 8 hours a day to get anywhere at level 60 and up. The game is designed in the way that you must spend more and more time the higher level you get. This game is frighteningly addictive and not healthy or innocent or productive in the real world in the long run. It starts out real innocent at level one though, don't let it fool you. It's all a virtual world and a waste of money with virtual relationships and short term goal gratification which in no way steps you up in the real world while at the same time making your real life relationships and your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional life clogged and cloudy and all in danger. That's real life facts right there from an ex player...and for those who call themselves Christians out there this game is witchcraft, idolatry, sorcery, and paganism rolled all into one grand spiritual black hole. That must have been why I was so depressed while playing this game. Christians repent and give your life back to Jesus, this game will get you no where but hell. (Read Romans 7:18 and Galatians 5:20 + 21) And as you have now read it was hell on earth for a brother also. This game is sin and is not of God. Christians sin is good for a season and this "happening" game will bring "happiness" for a season, but in God you know you have everlasting joy with Jesus. This game separates you from Jesus, who loves you and aims to save your soul. This was written in love to all from a man changed by the gospel of Christ. If you feel the need to flame up or make smart comments save them, for you do and will not offend me, you will offend your maker. If this message does not minister to you just keep on surfing. Peace out and Amen.

Ex-EQ'er Nekrosys Psykosys on Prexus
October 8, 2003

Yes I did destroy all the CD's and erased the entire account and equipment by the way. I didn't sell one thing on e-bay or give one item away. Why would I want to pass off such a heavy anchor to someone else?!? That's just absurd to contribute to someone else playing EQ. The Holy Bible also says something to the effect that if something is not good for a brother then it is not good for you, ask your Pastor. Tell him about this game and see what his response is. Anyway I'll shut up now I'm sure you all more than have the point. Did you guys see on the news where someone committed suicide because of EQ? Do a yahoo search of "suicide+everquest"...sad...Satan got that soul...

Keitha on Zeb
October 8, 2003

Actually, the person that committed suicide had many more problems then just playing EQ. I did an entire college paper on this topic. So do not think that just because one person that had severe psychological problems and commited suicide that we all should give up on ourselves and quit a game that we enjoy. I have had many positive things happen to me because of EQ. I have become more computer literate, a better typer, and have improved my social skills (both in game and in real life). There is an article that was published from his home town that states: "A psychologist diagnosed him with depression and schizoid personality disorder, symptoms of which include a lack of desire for social relationships, little or no sex drive and a limited range of emotions in social settings". He was also epileptic and still insisted on playing showing disregard for his own safety. The boy had many more pressing problems then just playing EQ. Do not blame the game enitrely. We share just as much blame as the games mechanics in our addiction to the game.

Tuneweaver on Solusek Ro
October 9, 2003

SO.... How many of you replied to this at work ?

Teledon on Prexus
October 14, 2003

I'm replying right now and I'm at work! Good call Tuneweaver. Laughed my arse off! I completely agree that EQ is a huge time-sink but I have accepted that and I play my 10 to 15 hours a week. Sure I will probably never be accepted into one of those Uber guilds but who cares. The game is entertaining and it helps get the mind off the stress of the day. ItaEU(tm)s just a game and nothing more; take it in moderation. ...And Nekrosys...holy ****... someone take away his soap box. A Christian who chooses a Necromancer as his character? I'd have gone for the Cleric; maybe the conscious would feel a little better. You say you leave EQ, destroyed the equipment and CDaEU(tm)s, and vow never to return again or have anything to do with a game designed by the devil? But you still have time to check out the latest posts about EQ right? Playing the game gets you into Hell but reading and posting about EQ doesnaEU(tm)t? It sounds pretty hypocritical to me. IaEU(tm)m glad IaEU(tm)m a Buddhist! Hey, everyone has their own opinions. But it just goes to show you that opinions are likeaEU|you know. And IaEU(tm)m one of them too! Can you dig it?

Ex-EQ'er Nekrosys Psykosys on Prexus
October 14, 2003

I would not expect you to know the spiritual authority Christ offers Teledon, so I will excuse your language and your ignorant assumptions. (Look up authority in your concordances brothers and sisters, it's mentioned 37 times in The Bible.) It is not my soapbox by the way, it is His. Ahh yes, good point you make, a Christian choosing a necromancer, or even playing EQ...then there is a difference between claiming to be something and actually being it...I couldn't have said it better myself! That brings up another good point, a mature Christian wouldn't even set foot to this game, but as a baby in the faith it sounded like fun when my ex-friend told me about EQ. So here I am now, not playing the game, but standing outside the door shedding light onto the game, such is my duty according to Ezekiel chapter 33. "For all have sinned, and come short of the Glory of God;" (Romans 3:23) We all fall short of Jesus' perfection, I mess up every day. Christians aren't perfect we're just forgiven. Make sure you're forgiven before your time is up here on earth. There is opinion and there is truth...are you walking in truth?

Ex-EQ'er Nekrosys Psykosys on Prexus
October 14, 2003

The definition of ignorant in Webster's Dictionary is "without knowledge, uninformed" by the way. Jesus loves you too Teledon, and so do I.

Ex-EQ'er Nekrosys Psykosys on Prexus
October 15, 2003

Did I happen to mention there is no proof god and jesus are true? Hey, i think i'll go out and write a bible today. Christians are just scared there is nothing in the afterlife. Enjoy.

EX-EQ guy on Povar
October 15, 2003

I quit everquest a little over a year ago and i still think of this game. It gets into your mind I still visit Allakhazam and look at the new items even though I dont play anymore. In the real life sometimes i meet guys that want to check out EQ, I tell them not to even THINK about getting this game. I still dream about quad-kiting stuff with my druid or tradeskilling. I even try to imagine what Halas 10 lb meat pie tastes like. This game is frighteningly addictive, i lost my job over this game AND YET I CONTINUED TO PLAY. I have never consumed any "CHEMICAL" substances that are supposed to be addictive yet i know what it is like to be addicted. When i played everquest as soon as i logged in it felt like i was taking a hit off some drug or something. When verant was doing patches and there was downtime for some reason i stayed at my computer until it was back up. If you are new to the game, thinking about playing it, or even a UBER-Guilded lvl 65 whatever class STOP PLAYING NOW!! You WILL get addicted to the game and you may not be able to stop. This game WILL affect your social life. This game WILL affect your job. This game WILL affect your family. This game WILL affect your sleep habits. And a whole hoste of countless other things. If you want to flame me, go right ahead i don't care. I know first hand how addictive this game can be DONT PLAY IT!!!

Teledon on Prexus
October 15, 2003

Oh come on people, open your eyes and take some responsibility upon yourself! Sorry EX-EQ guy; sad story. But it's the game's fault right, not yours? Hmmm... I'm going to have to think about that one. Is the game addicting or do some people just lack the self-control to know when it's time to stop playing because of a bigger responsibility (i.e. work, family). I'm sure there are those instances, however infinitesimal, that problems go out of control because of some pre-existing condition (See KeithaaEU(tm)s post above.) But for someone to try to push the blame off on someone or something else makes me sick. These are the same types of people that really believed that eating Twinkies was the cause of that guy going postal in the 70aEU(tm)s or listening to Heavy Metal was the cause of that kid committing suicide back in the 80aEU(tm)s. Take some responsibility upon yourself and have some self-control. Can you dig it?

Teledon on Prexus
October 15, 2003

Nekrosys: I have nothing against religion and I believe having Faith in something is great. However, it really ****es me off when someone preaches to others that we are Sinning and going to Hell because we do this or donaEU(tm)t do that. I grew up between Catholicism and Christianity. IaEU(tm)ve heard it all. DonaEU(tm)t use the game as springboard to sell your religious beliefs to the rest of the normal EQ gaming community that is playing the game as a means of entertainment; that we better stop or else we are going to Hell. I know people that play the game and still maintain a healthy mix of personal, work, family, and spiritual responsibilities. No one is perfect but IaEU(tm)m sorry that we all canaEU(tm)t be forgiven because some people donaEU(tm)t necessarily have the exact same beliefs as your guild, errr, religion. And hopefully when my time is up on this Earth; there will be a Level 65 Cleric waiting to give me that full experience Rez! =) (Sorry, I couldnaEU(tm)t resist those last two remarks... we love you too man!) Can you dig it?

Ex-EQ'er Nekrosys Psykosys on Prexus
October 17, 2003

Pretty cowardice to impersonate me whomever that was. Look around you, every creation speaks creation. Our sin separates us from God. "Ditto" to the "Ex-EQ guy." Something that is bad for another cannot be entirely good, and therefore should be left alone indeed. Every good and perfect gift comes from The Father. The game is just downright deceitful in that it starts out with fast levels and oh this is fun...to sucking you in and spending hours to get uber. Teledon you are quite skilled in putting words in my mouth. I've spoken my peace and will now move on, clap if you want, if this thread helped one person that's all that matters. Consider your souls, ciao.

Neo on Xeg
October 17, 2003

I'm going to go with Teledon on this one.. we should take responsibilities for our own choices. WE choose to play or not. WE chose to make choices based on whatever. I chose to play on and off when RL allow. At times my online friends and guild may suffer for my lack of play. That's my choice. I choose to take care of my family and work. To take breaks often. At one time I was out of control. Being an old D&D buff when we played on paper, EQ (and any game similar) was a dream come true. D&D in a 3D environment. I saw what would go wrong in my life based on my choice to play extended hours vs regulating myself. I played and still play to keep in touch with online friends (as well as RL friends that got me into EQ). The "addiction" was not loot or cash, but the fun of being with friends and exploring a new world. There are things I still have yet to see and want to accomplish, but they do not govern my game time. LDoN has helped a lot. A quick hour or so for some decent AA and augments or items. I get my sleep. I spend my time with family and friends. We go out and explore the new state we live in. My work is on paar. I also believe my soul is doing just fine. It could use some refreshing after this last year of family deaths, but that is something I need to choose to do. I need to choose to go join a church in this new state or something of the christian nature. In any case, my point is more of an emphasis of us taking responsibility for our choices. If EQ or whatever is controlling your life, make the choice to seek help. Anything good for you is good in moderation, let it get out of control and a good thing can be bad. Heck, you can OD on water if your not careful.

Crimson Wolf on Veeshan
October 19, 2003

Preach as you will Nekrosys. It hard to hit the so caled "christain" soul when it doesn't reside in you. There are many more relegions out there other than "Christianity". As for myself I jsut take your "preaching" as ratteling on to justify why YOU quit. If you feel the need to keep on going and going like the enegizer bunny so be it. It jsut seems to me that you need to keep convincing yourself that you don't need EQ. Yes I will admit that I played it every single night for 3-5 hours after work. I myself realized that I can get where I want to eventually even if I don't spend all that time in EQ. I have a great job now, a wonderfull fiance and a 2 yr old son. Do I still play EQ? Of course I do. My play time decrease didn't come about because of my current status but because I cut down myself. Yes to some persons EQ can be addictive I will agree. But in my mind I am no where addicted. And as for Christ He was some guy that once lived. I embrace my own relegion as I see fit. I am Wiccan and proud to call myself that. I could rattle on and quote thins as you did Nekrosys but i see no reason to. Have a great day all.. "Embrace nature to her fullest, For one day she shall embracce you." Blessed Be CW

Rubicon Badmojjo on Eci'
October 21, 2003

1st. im a 17 yr. old HS student and as a matter of fact im in highschool at the momment trying to pass the time. I look up some stuff for my shaman and boom..posts..i start reading..and before i know it 20 mins has gone by...EQ is a gift from GOD, hehe, what kind of drug can u find that is only 13 bucks a month and cant mess u up for the rest of ur life?! all of u ppl who say it's so addicting...GET SOME SELF-CONTROL!! I do 40 hours of HS, 40 hours of work a week...and have a g/f...still i get in a little everquest...at a friends house at that! (no comp at the house, had to buy MYSELF a truck) reasons for someone to play eq than do something in real life... 1. cant go to jail for playing 2. cant get eq pregnant!! 3. only 13 bucks a month after xpacs...even i can pull that off! 4. if u absolutely had to (i've never done this) u can make money off of EQ 5. u have probs in RL? talk to ppl in ur guild or a friend that u have made online...u can find some really nice ppl on there..not just talking about the opposite sex...

Various Characters on Erollisi Marr
October 22, 2003

Please, stop the religious preaching, it only makes you lose credability. ok now Im ready! This is a game. If the inherent challenge, is whether or not you can sucessfully manage your life alongside the game, then GRATZ! It's become pretty boring for me. On most servers its easy to get lvl 40 in a few days /played. I'm trying out Stromm in the hopes of some challenge, it's working a little. However: I haven't lost my job, haven't become anti-social, haven't lost sleep. "How's that" you ask? How could I possibly NOT have been afflicted by this horrible game that is just destroying the lives of those you just read before me?! Simple. The game gets boring after awhile. It's no great feat of self-control to /q after an hour or two. If you have to, put a post-it on your moniter that says: "Is this really all that fun?" see if it doesn't get you to /q after an hour or two. And if you ARE (though I highly doubt it) drugged on the supreme euphoria that is EQ (made by evil Verant, who forced you to play might I add) and you just CAN'T bring yourself to stop for sleep, work, or a relationship... if it's really THAT bad, try taking responsibility for your actions instead of blaming the game itself. If you can't take the responsibility, and you're really that bad off, tell a loved one to take control over your gaming habits or seek professional help or something. It's a stupid computer game. Who gives a rats arse if you get a quest piece or 1 more lvl or make 100 more plat? Don't put a toon's priorities in the way of your life. It's simple: decide what you want out of life and don't let anything get in the way. Put the game on the sidelines where it should be.

Author of the Article on MT
October 22, 2003

Good debate on the subject, I must say. The 'call to arms' by the religious zealot is the icing on the cake in my opinion. How funny.! He has cast off the infernal chains of EQ yet still frequates a site based on the game infused with satanic overtones. Sounds to me like he's still hooked on the same drug we all are. You know, in the grand scheme of thing, when your life is over there are few things that really matter. One of them is what level your character got to in EverQuest. Everything else is just details. Thank you and good night.

Curt Pliskin. on AB
October 22, 2003

Great posting, i see alot of it in myself im affraid...

WANAKILEM on nameless
October 23, 2003

Satan here..I just want to say thanks to necrosys, its freaks like you that make my job ALOT easier.Oh and by the way..I would have given you $100 for the necro, can never have too many of those. See you in hell Love Satan

Mancing dan on tz
October 23, 2003

20hours a week in eq or 20 hours a week watching tv? =-P and we are not all fat. It's all about having some disipline to work out every 2 days. pansies! =-0

Vaeuuan on nameless
October 24, 2003

People blaming the game is just so lame. You ever here the following things. People kill people, guns don't. Or do you ever see someone sue the beer company because a drunk driver killed someone else? You know why? Its because we control are own lives. If you like something become a problem, then its your fault. Not the beer, or the game. Come on people you are adults, control your own **** lives and stop blaming everything else. And if your not 18+ playing EQ, then your parents should be controling how much you are playing and teaching you how to control you own life so when you are older you don't have problems like these loses that blame everything else. So everyone blaming everything else like beer, drugs, games, or whatever it is. You have one person to blame and that is your self. Grow up and take control of your lifes.

Vaeuuan on nameless
October 24, 2003

Sorry about the grammer in the last post. I know its bad. I am not going to correct it either case that would be a waste of time, when it comes to this topic.

Carniez on Terris
October 24, 2003

This guy must work for a competitor hehe. Why else would he be trying to get us to quit?

bumpkin on prexus
October 25, 2003

nekrosys, The game is not addictive in any way shape or form and it has nothing to do with "self-control" some of us lack self control in any way shape or form drugs/everquest are but a symptom of the problem ( quoted from the big book if anyone knows what it is and no not the bible..) the problem lies within ourselves the person that commited suicide? my guess is he was spiritual mentally and physically sick.. not addicted, I myself am a recovering drug addict i've learned alot about the mind and the spirit... ( btw sorry i dont mean to preach) what i've found is all that mumbo jumbo about having a bad childhood affecting you as a person? its true.. i didnt believe it im on a drug program called 'drug court' if anyone knows about it you know i'm not on it just because i played too much eq or didnt have enough "self control" I was/am on a self destructive path and did/dont care about anything including myself. When i started the program a counselor asked me.. "when you leave the house do you bring the house with you?" I promptly answered no year and 1/2 later i realize yes i do bring it with me everywhere I go and will continue to do so until I finish something im working on... errrr ok now i am preaching.. anyway i just dont appreciate bringing religion into it, self control, or this game being the devil has nothing to do with it, honestly... most of those lvl 65 people in uber gear are escaping there problems using everquest just as some use drugs/alcohol and if these are the kind of people your talking to nekro no amount of words will help they will figure it out on there own someday. ok /rant off latah peoples and dont take this shiznit so seriously peace 8-)

bumpkin on prexus
October 25, 2003

BTW just so u dont think im a hypocrite hehe I play bout 8 hours a day and think about everquest constantly eq is my way of dealing with problems.. hell I even say emotes sometimes when im talkin to people.. told a chick i'd send her a tell later... god i feel like an ass

Jim on rathe
October 26, 2003

stop your preaching, religion is such a bunch of bs. you ever heard of "bread and circuses"? religion is just a tool used to incite order in societies. and christianity especially, what a load of ****. take a look back in history, you people are the most replusive things i have ever heard of. you're always forcing your beliefs on others, and then persecute them when they resist. whats the point of religion anyways, to achieve a wonderous afterlife? afterlife is just something ancient peoples thought up to quell their own insecurities of being blinked out of existence when you die. so please, spare us all of your babbling.

Madmartigann on Zeb
October 26, 2003

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Stimer on Morrel Thule
October 28, 2003

Jim is actually a active Christian but comes here to vent his frustations of not being picked each Sunday to be the bus driver helper on the pick up bus.

Grymm on EM
October 29, 2003

Curious as to why people that claim EQ is evil and they quit it so long ago are even looking at a EQ website? They must not have truly given EQ up in their souls. Maybe they don't play the game, but they seem to "crave" it.

Barudorn on Sol Ro
October 29, 2003

We have read many interesting points of view by now. Eq is an amazing game of visual and virtual imagination. It is what you make of it, like anything else. ANYTHING can be corrupted, misused, addictive if not controlled by the person themselves. Is religion the cause of the parents letting their child die because their religion forbids the use of medicines or hospital treatment? Of course not. It is the individual's choices that determine the outcome. A person who finds addiction to EQ would have found the same addiction to something else. It is a personal issue, not the fault of a "game". I play a few nights a week, when time permits, if time does not permit, then I simply cannot play. My responsibility to my job, family and friends comes first. There are times I will blow off the usual hang out with the guys session for EQ, but that is a choice and frankly, it is sometimes more relaxing IMHO. You cannot generalize that the "game" addicts people because some lacked self control to know when to say when. If that could be so simply said, lets say everything is addictive, computers, cars, TV, radio, cell phones. Are there any of the above items we all do not use on a daily basis but could survive without? It is our choice to be a user not an abuser. /Salute

Orodost on Quellious
October 29, 2003

I have decided to quit. In fact, I decided today. I dont think I'll miss it at all. I dont really have time to play it anymore, the thing thats gonna be the hardest to stop is checking my fav EQ sites everday.

Vladius on Ayonae Ro
October 30, 2003

Nekrosys...seriously. Take your bible thumping elsewhere. No one else here wants to hear it. If someone wants to quit its because they feel its the best thing for that person and their life...not because some moldy 2000 year old book told you to. People should grow some balls and take responsibilty for themselves and thier lives...not blaming their weaknesses and failures on Satan.

hitme on that one
October 31, 2003

whats eq?

eqaddict2 on Bristlebane
October 31, 2003

EQ sucks but i still play it. I am in debt but find ways to get money to buy game cards to keep playing. Been divorced over the game, quit playing, started playing again. Husband plays to and cant even keep a job when he becomes so addicted. I like playing eq, it can take away from RL stress but i dont think EQ can be played in moderation. it is VERY time consuming and very addictive. its a way of life. once you start. you cant stop.

Narah Shiningstar on Fennin Ro
October 31, 2003

Hitme DONT BUY EVERQUEST!!!!! Save yourself my friend. ' /g gating... /cast 4 '

Tinelorma on Seventh Hammer
November 1, 2003

PEEPS! It is only a game! Remember "everything in moderation". Don't let eq take over your REAL life! The game won't care when you drop dead, make sure some REAL people do! Life is for living! Enjoy it all! Have a great day!

Ohhm on Tunare
November 4, 2003

My thoughts are that it's about competition. You want to be uber, you want to be better, you want to be richer, you want to be up there so you can show off to newbies, you want to get those 3 names dangit! But you have to keep it in prospective, how important IS that stuff really? It all depends on your own definition of what is important to you. Sure you have to devote a lot of time to get to lvl 60+, but nothing says you have to give all that time at once. Just relax, play when you can, play when you want to, play when you've got nothing better to do. When you turn off the game, it'll still be there tomorrow. So what if you don't stay leveled with your online friends, you'll make new ones, and come out the better person for holding on to your responsibilities in real life. You choose to let the game either run your life, or enjoy it as a pastime. Sometimes it's hard to walk away, sometimes you don't want to, but IT WILL STILL BE THERE WHEN YOU COME BACK from enjoying real life.

alby the mage, on vallon zek
November 4, 2003

I swithched to VZ server to play role war. Spent the last 4 years playing. All the above is true, you can however take some of these online contacts and build up a world list of people whos mentalities you have fallen in love with. Keep in touch via emails, and then visit on a world tour! Look at the game as just a fun chat channel. A opportunity to share adventure, but for gods sake, the human body only has so much creative energy before you have to sleep again. I found this game takes serious energy , time and commitment to do anything. That energy is used in EQ at the cost of our RL. You cannot exist in the EQ world alone. You have to have balance. If you are unhappy with EQ, it may well be you are unhappy with RL. You got to have both and balance them. Remember there are very few positions available for 65th lvl rangers in elemental gear, cept maybe at the sony help desk. However take those useful computer and typing skills and you do have some talents to offer to the RL .

yahua on AB
November 6, 2003

Well, word of advice dont play EQ while depress, or out of money, jobless, getting a divorce, or any other negative instance or feeling you will make it even worst. Go out and enjoy the auttum, bath in the sunlight, walk in the park and burn your putter. /smile

Trogdor on Cazic THule
November 7, 2003

Why is there all this talk about religion?Keep your finatic views to yourselves.Reliion has been the Root cause for all the war on this planet.Millions of people have died over some ****py bs about who created whatever.There is no proof that there is a god. the Bible is not proof since it was writtan by who? HUMANS.If there really was a Jeasus he was an excelent CON ARTIST and thats all. and About EQ.If you cant handle playing a video game and it is screwing up your life then maby you should't play.You are not responsable enough to juggle your Work time and your Play time effectivly. You need to seek professional help and maby get some nice mind altering drugs like Zoloft to help keep you stable.

Darkice on Cazic Thule
November 7, 2003

I agree with Trogdor.Keep the religious freeks out of here.This game is fun and its a nice escape from the boring world that is real life.This game is a nice stress reliever.

Zish on bertoxx
November 7, 2003

Geez people its a game....dont bring God, country and politics into it.....just play it.......

Big on Truth
November 9, 2003

Reasons To Quit Everquest: "You think you own this game, but this game really owns you." - Anon.

Thorn on Xegony
November 10, 2003

Kinda funny, I see the Church and Sony EQ in much the same light, they put together a package of artificial goals that stimulate you into thinking you are going to get something great out of the time you invest. Really though the whole time both are just leaching you dry of your hard earned money. At least Sony doesn't tell you that if you play Ashron's Call you are going to burn in hell. I don't know what kind of "Christian" you claim to be but if anyone anywhere is telling you are going to burn in hell because you play a game, you need to find a new church. Frankly that is just hogwash, and you, nor I ACTAULLY know what is out there after we die. We have theories; there is no proof of your religion or any other religion. I will think what I want to think, and I will thank you to keep your preaching and trolling off this forum. I have to think it is designed to get a raise out of people, because if the game is so evil what are you doing on a board dedicated to in game tips and tricks? Please. Thorn 3:16 says I just whipped your ass.

Fansy on Sullon Zek
November 12, 2003


Cahrij on Zek
November 13, 2003

We all have our opines on this,, but I rather be playing EQ in the comfort of my home,where I am safe,and can have a few hours down right fun. I'm not in a Bar drinking and driving. And its my money I'm wasting,but don't consider that its a waste when I can enjoy the game! Have a Fuzzlecutter Formula 5000 on me!!! Hail Me LMAO

MIne on the 7th
November 13, 2003

It's not Everquest. I have always been addicted to some type of game. When I was young it was board games. Teens it was cartridge games. If there wasn't a good game available it was books. I like to lose myself and forget about the stresses of life. But I still remember to go to work get my work done and spend time with my friends and family. Do my friends say I spend too much time playing EQ?.. yes... they said the same thing about the other games I played. I think the same thing about them play Frisbee Golf :P or sitting around getting high. Everyone has their escape... Stop blaming the games for you sad lives. I promise if it wasn't EQ it would be something else. Everyone is addicted to something or somebody. Not everybody lets thats something or somebody control/ruin thier life. GET A GRIP!... before it't too late.... rofl

Looking for Holy Guidance on Druzzil Ro
November 13, 2003

I was going to take your advice and tell my Priest about the game but he told me to come back later when he was finished with the 10 year boy he had in his office. Screw religion just a form of socialism that steals your money to pay for sinners to tell you that you are going to Hell. It is sad that religion was created because of man-kind's fear of death. Humans do not want to accept the fact that when you die there is nothing. So I say while I am here I will do what I enjoy. Stop your preaching and go seel that s**t somewhere else and leave us all be.

wow on who cares?
November 14, 2003

Great article. And look at all the lovely people that come to post- a zealot (casting stones are we?) and a bunch of hate mongers, along with all of the more normal, thoughtful people. Boards like this give me so much insight into human nature. It's the anonimity of it all- people trashing religions, hailing Satan (whether honestly or otherwise), making fun of each other- ridiculing. Mmmmm /sigh feels like the 5th grade again. I'm curious how old some of these posters are. Are they young? Are they older? The poison in some of the responses seems so rank for people so young. The religious guy doesn't know any better. He is a Purifier. He doesn't understand about how his zealousness can be as poisonous as the deepest evil. He may learn when he gets a bit older. Jesus knew. That's why he said 'Let ye without sin cast the first stone." Talk the talk, walk the walk, and LOVE one another. Hate the sin, not the sinner... I think that was the message. The others, well, anonymous and safe, they attack. Posting petty hurts and scornful rants. It just shows that deep down, we aren't much different than the first humanoid that grabbed a bone, looked at the guy next to him, clubbed him, and took his food. PS and to Trogdor the Burninator- Wars are with very few exceptions waged based on land and/or resource disputes nad to a lesser extent political boil-overs. The other most common reason is ETHNICAL hate, not religion. Keep reading- you'll get it. Good day to you all.

an Everquest Addict on Emarr
November 15, 2003

The reason EQ is addicting to some and not for others just cannot be summed up into one post. Every person behind the characters in Everquest has their own reason or joining EQ. I, for example, play EQ because it is a world where you are judges for who you are. In other words, a world without racial or sexual bias. In real life you have no choice over some things like your name, race, looks, etc...But in Everquest you are exactly who you want to be. Also, some people use EQ as an 'escape' from real life. If you were working for Minimum Wage 40 hours a week with no opportunities for advancement wouldn't you like to live in a world where you don't have to worry about those things? Everquest affects us all on not just a physical level but on an emotional and spiritual level. Just my 2cp...

VS on World
November 15, 2003

Just a tidbit: Life is not what you accomplish, but what you dream.

Sativah on Morell-thule
November 15, 2003

this forum is scaring me, and yeah the game does ruin your life anyone who thinks it doesnt is in denail or hasnt played it long enough, i have quit a few times only to come back to a totally new game so i tried it again and hey here i am reading posts on an eq website, and even when i quit i still checked up on allakhazam, still had dreams about raiding, daydreamed about things like " what if there really was a 100% weight reduction bag?" its sad but hey its fun and i proudly admit i ruined my life doing something i think is fun......of course my parents and my friends say i might as well be doing acid since its basically just a way to escape reality....they are probably right....oh well see ya tomorrow....and the next day... -Sativah, addicted to EQ since 1999 and still going strong

EX-Galabar on Firiona Vie
November 16, 2003

Omg, ive quit for almost 1year now, and im having withdraws all over again... I lost a 54ranger, i was a DPS machine i couldnt have sold a single item my family put a stop on the payment, i was in a guild every one dreamt of, i knew all the tuff people, was nice a rich from farming. i had achived what i wanted in 4-51/2 months. I was pround i wanted to only play, raid,etc. I want to play more but ive got no way to set up a payment account anymore or id be back in a second... I dont know why but i want back in, i want to be lvl 1 again and have to explore what, 2 new expansions since Luclin? man your lucky all of u having the choice of playing or not im forced to play other ****py games out there. Theres no other game id rather be playing than typing this message. The main thing is once u start you wont be stopping without still wishing u were playing, saying this is wichcraft an still hanging around is a good point of this. I havent played in about 1year man a lot of nerfs an changes, expansions new mobs and zones just wow. But i wasnt able to keep up with being a hardcore player an keeping social in Real Life, and on the fat note, i didnt eat much so i wasnt getting fat actualy lost weight.

Ferren on Bertox
November 17, 2003

Do you know why people consider games an addiction? Do you think someone should take responsiblity for there own actions? Do you know that it is an actual medical condition? For those of you that havent been paying attention to the news lately. There has been a medical break through. Apparently all those people complaining about games taking over there life, finally got doctors to look into it. It seems that Games, especally interactive ones like EQ, stimulate certain brain cells. These brain cells recieve electrical current telling them that "this is reality". Strangly enough It is the same exact part of the brain, stimulated when playing video games, as in drinking alcohol. So who here thinks alcohol is addictive? Has anyone met an alcoholic? Just think most alcoholics drink what we will say 15-20 beers a night. Say about 6 minutes per beer that equals 120minutes or 2 hours. Now how many people play for 2 hours or less? How many play for more? well I just wanted to let people know that it is an actually condition. But I have taken way to much time away from eq just to write this. but then again I am very succeptable to addiction.... alcohol, smoking, drugs, and best of all EQ

interested on on the funny topic
November 17, 2003

This is funny...OK it is in the human nature to like fantasy creative writing...right? Well this could be a possibility (im not saying it is) that some guy who didnt have eq expanded his mind and thought it was cool to have good vs evil. God vs Satan. Holy warriors, angels, halos etc. Does this sound familiar? Oh, and EQ paladin cleric..how interesting. Satan the "red" devil. His evil minions. Hmm do I think of a SK and necro? of course. People like to expand their mind, just be fortunate we have eq today and are not writing about God and the devil for mere please. Well it is a possibility. Cya guys and have fun on EQ..be glad we have the technology in our time. This is on the preaching topic above

Thorn on Xegony
November 23, 2003

Actually "WOW", you for all your effort at sounding enlightened and well informed, and the oh so annoying "holier than thou" approach to your post you miss the point entirely. Some of us... A) Think this guy is just trolling and does not for one minute believe what he is saying. I submit again as proof what is he doing on a "Tips Cheats and work around" site about a video game that he claims is "this game is witchcraft, idolatry, sorcery, and paganism rolled all into one grand spiritual black hole." Is he trying to save us? Not bloody likely, while possible I doubt it highly. More like than not he is one of the many trolls who generally can be found trying to stir up a hornets nets on a message board. It is not new, and EQ people seem to attack them like flies to a picnic. B) Are trying to be funny with our retorts because quite frankly that is all a troll deserves. I will thank you to take your psycho babble and stick it where the sun don't shine. You are NO better than me, the troll or the "mutants at table 9" actually in my humble opinion you are LESS of a person because you can't see a joke for what it is and you think that in some way you have the right to look down on the other posters in this forum because they do not fit into your neat little idea of "how we should conduct ourselves", and in fact you kind of stink like a troll to me too. Either way, I say again "stick it".

Taarck on Tribunial
November 25, 2003

I've been playing video/computer games for over 24 years now. I play EQ as a stress buster from real life. Just as I've played Space Invaders or Pac Man in the past. As far as this game costing a lot of money I've used to spend a fortune playing Asteriods and Missle Command and other video games. Does anyone remember Atari's 2600 or Intellivision. How about Pong. I played it when it first came out. In recent years I've played Doom, Tiberian Sun, Myst, Unreal II. I will continue to play computer games of all types as long as the software companies make them. How many people here have played hours and hours of Solitare at work? How many people have used their company email address for personal corespondance? If we can't laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at. We all make choices everyday good and bad. Last night I choose to read these posts. This morning I choose to write this post. Tonight I will probably choose to play EQ, but perhaps not. Maybe I'll watch TV. Life is about choices. I choose to play EQ sometimes. My biggest complaint with EQ is that the graphics are ****py. I'll step off the soapbox now and let somebody else step on. See you in the game.

Wudyar on Brell
November 25, 2003

Ok I only have this to say. Some of my friends give me a hard time about playin EQ for 2 or 3 hours a night. I just ask them how much time do they spend watching TV every night? It is the same if not more amount of time I play EQ. Now I will turn on the TV and watch it while I play (hehe, can do more then one thing at a time). Everyone has their thing to do in the evening after work. Some do get carried away with EQ, I did for awhile when it was new to me. Now I play when I have time and it is a lot cheaper then going to the bar every nite. See you in game

OldOsoe on XEV
November 25, 2003

MMORPGs are made to be addictive. They prey on obssesive compulsive, competitive people like you and I. Status is the reason people seek the uber holy grail. I was addicted to everquest for 10 months I didnt lose my job although I called in sick alot etc. I day dreamed about my shaman and getting him his epic quest good gear etc. Never got level 60 quit at 56 when daoc came out. I went to daoc with dreams of playing a game with polite players no camping etc. 2 years past my character became mega uber from killing people in rvr. I played alot of FPS as well as rpgs before daoc and eq on my comp so the super fast pace of rvr combined with the group class make up of eq was addicting to me. I quit after gaining over 40 pounds in those 3 years from 165 to 204. I couldnt bare to look at my fat ass in the mirror anymore lol. So I canceled daoc and went back to the gym. I still like eq after all these years the game sticks with you. I have lost most of the weight and am back in physical shape. EQ sent me a free trial for 14 days in my email in box. I am playing again because my cousins and friends at work still play. I cannot get addicted again I know the signs I have a 10 month old daughter. I could care less about being uber in eq its such a silly train of thought to me now. I still enjoy eq I love purchasing armor and stuff shopping in the bazaar is fun as hell. I am a very extreme person I do every thing to the 150% No matter what it is I have to be the best. I have learned that mentallity really sucks in online games because in order to be the best you have to play the most and get the fattest ass irl. I can and will be casual and so can most of you.

Choushoe on Tarrew Marr
November 26, 2003

Ya this game is addicting I know. I'm 14 and have played this game for 2 years. With all my groundings and a the restricitons (extreme trouble maker) I have made it to 53. And about the fattening part, **** you, you just judge people by the way they look and have no ****ing idea what they do in or around their life. I weigh under 140 and thats all muscle I have asolutely no fat, just skin muscle and bones. Anyone who uses EQ as a hobbie excuse with his wife should just sign divorce papers cause you are ****ed. I have a friend who plays at night for like 2-3 hours with some of his friend on the weekdays and raids on sunday unless something else come up. Now this guy doesn't play 40 hours a week and he has 3 lvl 65 characters he plays at once. And you saying you HAD to buy 2 cool items for $75, it's not that you HAD to but you WANTED to buy them. Everything is your choice not EQ's not SOE's and definetly not yor friends. I hope you understand this.

OldOsoe on Xev
November 26, 2003

Lol, Yes at 14 years old with a high metabolism and a semi active life style at school and such. You wont gain much weight from playing an online game. However for us older guys who work in IT and sit down all day at work going home and sitting down for 4+ hours playing an online game drinking soda and eating potatoe chips and **** can get us really fat really fast. Exercize is the key and avoiding too much food. Have to remember when you arent moving as much you arent using as many calories. So eating a big Porterhouse steak with baked potatoes and eggs everynight will get turn you into a cow lol.

Burz on Saryrn
November 27, 2003

One word: Golf!

supra on Xev
November 28, 2003

Nice language choushoe, nice seeeing where the future of America is going! =p

Copeland on Tribunal
November 29, 2003

I dont think eq is addictive. I think it gets boring pretty fast. On the other hand i think its the friends we make along the way that keep us playing. Unfortunately its also a place where those that are disfunctional in the real world can hide from their troubles. Life is short so enjoy it.

Raigerun on Tarrew Marr
November 29, 2003

I'll start with a little about me and my opinion of the game thus far: I am 25, married, have a 3 year old and another on the way.. attend college, I have a lvl 30 paladin and im still on the 30 day trial. I played for about 12 hours today, 9 of which while I was at work (the joys of a helpdesk job in a small company). A coworker got me into the game. I've been a counter-strike & starcraft player for several years and love FPS and RTS games. When I first saw EQ my initial reaction was much like when I saw an RTS.. dman thats alot of shti to keep track of, I'll stick to my FPS games. But the more you even watch EQ the more you get sucked in. I havent touched any other game since I got EQ. The reason is simple, I like community based games. CS is team based yeah, but rarely do you play with the same people all the time.. RTS games are even worse with the maximum player limits. With EQ I cant go a few hours without getting a few tells asking for an adventure.. and most of the time i'm already in one..that rocks. Have I neglected my job, school, or my child? In all honesty .. yeah.. a little. I could have studied a little more, I could have researched a little more, I could have played more with her barbies.. all of this is true. But I dont blame the game. The new hasnt worn off the game for me yet. I have something new to interact with rather then watch the latest servivor get kicked off the island. I could see from day 1 this game CAN get boring if your doing things solo or not in the right frame of mind when you log in. Playing for the sake of playing is never good. A computer without a modem or network card is a calculator with an oversized screen. The connectivity is what makes it appealing for me, but then again, I want to be a network administrator, connectivity is my thing. EQ servers are farmed out on several machines, load balanced, servers go down for database maintenance and patching.. hey SOE is hiring.. Addicting.. you bet your A$$.. play on.. I need a new job~ =) after reading over this breifly for gross typos and mispellings It probably wont make alot of sence to people not in my head, but it made me feel better to type out.. /ignore me and go have some fun

Pantiewaste on Ayonae Ro
November 29, 2003

Yeah, you're all right you're going to hell for playing this game. What you should do is just look me up and give me all your stuff before you quit...I'll make sure it does gods work in-game. Kill off some evil races or whatever.

Chantella on Quellious
November 30, 2003

OK folks here's my 2 cents. I am a person with limited imagination skills. I realize this. I used to read novels voraciously. Did it make me smarter? Not really, it's brain candy. I used the novels as an escape but not primarily. Item 1: ** It is comforting to let someone else do the imagining for me** It is easy to allow any created world to interest you and allow your mind to enjoy its responses. Examples: * My favorite show on TV. Umm, that's a created world. * I'm a news freak. (Definitely Created) Item 2: ** There is such a high level of human interaction with EQ; it is unmatched. ** Many people come to EQ because not only do they miss it for reason 1, but mainly for reason 2. Have you met the local idiots at the bar or Starbucks? Item 3: ** Most people suck ** This is a pretty antisocial statement. I don't feel bad about being honest. I don't care much for most folk. I interact. I am pleasant. But my family is of primary importance in my life. All my goals in my life focus on the advancement of my family. Everyone else can jump in a pit of lava. I don't care. Item 4: ** Cheap entertainment thats not force fed** When I am tired in all the ways one can be tired, I choose to come to Norrath. It is a comfortable, well-worn story much like my favorite novels still on the bookshelf. Norrath does not place commitments on me. I do. Guess what? I am in an uber guild. If I really don't want to raid.. I won't! If the guild can't handle that; fek em! It's my time. I do enjoy raiding, grouping, and tradeskills. If I wasn't on EQ, I'd probably be reading novels. One can't study constantly (making the brain work) and TV is just plain idiotic and a meme delivery system. I HATE CAR COMMERCIALS. Item 5: ** It's an interesting social experiment ** I love to people watch in RL. Do you know how many scads of papers have been written regarding EQ? Imagine a world that you can act in nearly any way you want? It's EQ. The human element is scary at times. Item 6: ** God doesn't give a wet noodle about EQ ** There are so many bigger issuses to deal with. I do have a releationship with God. I do pray. I don't go to church. Paul can fek off about going to church. An ancedote: A man went into a church one sunday morning in a ski mask. He waved around a gun and said I'm going to kill you all! The church evacuated except for the minister and 3 other folk. The man took off the mask and said," Father, now that the hypocrites are gone; please continue your sermon." Church people are largely fake. Particularly most american christians of any stripe. Ask yourself is what you are doing helping your relationship with God? The fact that I enjoy video games and can separate reality from non-reality has nothing to do with my relationship with God. Inste

Liz Woolley