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&: Addiction

Addiciton is a psychological issue.

Addictions also usually lead to depresions.

Depresions makes persons unwilling to account for their own actions.

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HELP!  My son is 16 years

HELP! My son is 16 years old. He suffers from depression. He is now on medication and sees a two therapist for his depression. Although he is happier, his grades are suffering and I'm convinced another issue is that he is an addicted gamer. His father's solution is to send him away this summer to a military camp to have a reality check. I'm afraid that will undo the progress we have made on his depression, but I don't know how to get him help from the gaming. He is very angry with me and blames me for everything. We are a divorced family. I don't know how to start helping him. Thank you for any insight. Qua_Mom

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