Thank you letter to everyone at OLGA and OLG-Anon reply is n

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Thank you letter to everyone at OLGA and OLG-Anon reply is n

hello to whomever reads this and is a part of OLGA!

i wasn't quite sure who to contact, which message to post this on, but I just want to thank you so very much for "being there"! I discovered your site last night and stayed up way too late reading and appreciating a few of the message boards.

i'm not sure how all this works, but i found my way around ok.

my interest is becasue my dear son in law is what i would describe as addicted to whatever video/computer games and my daughter, his young bride is heartbroken, confused, disappointed and so am i, as she shares a bit with me, asking for prayer and advice. (I'm a counselor and friend of many in like circumstances, and have had quite a bit of experience with various addictions that people face.) I have so much more of a heart and understanding since seeing this all be "exposed" in these first few months of my daughter's marriage. (no one has known, except his former roommates who are all "gamers", and of course they all think they're just fine.) what a horrible deception!

and what ruination in a bright young life and his relationships I have seen!

Now many things make sense in retrospect.

And I'll be praying for all of you, your strength, stamina, and continued growth, hope, and freedom when I pray for my son-in-law, whom I love very much.

BTW, do you have a team of people who pray or a place to request prayer? With much gratitude and many blessings, Deb (i think i am supposed to register or something, and will have to return another time to do so.

Can i register or ?? if i'm a "concerned person"?  Or, ???  Sorry, but I'm not real savvy about these things!)

Liz Woolley

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Re: Thank you letter to everyone at OLGA and OLG-Anon reply

Answered: Dear Deb, So sorry to hear about your daughter's situation. This is so sad. We don't have people who pray for others specifically at OLGA, but we do have discussion board at OLGA titled "General Spiritual Discussions" where all religious views are welcomed. Friends and family members are welcome at OLGA and there is lots of support there for anyone affected by the adverse effects of excessive gaming, so feel free to register and tell us your story. Read the other posts, and have your daughter come and read. There are many women at OLGA who have found themselves in similar situations. Your daughter is not alone, and neither are you. Anna M. on behalf of On-Line Gamers Anonymous
OLGA/OLG-Anon Hotline: 612-245-1115

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