&: Why is OLGA interested in helping gamers?

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&: Why is OLGA interested in helping gamers?

Members of OLGA have a selfish interest in offering a helping hand to other gamers, who have not yet achieved a game-free life. First, they know from experience that this type of activity, usually referred to as "Twelfth Step work," helps them to stay game-free. Their lives now have a great and compelling interest. Very likely, reminders of their own previous experience with gaming help them to avoid the overconfidence that could lead to a relapse. Whatever the explanation, OLGAs who give freely of their time and effort to help other gamers seldom have trouble preserving their own sobriety.

OLGAs are anxious to help obsessive gamers for a second reason: It gives them an opportunity to square their debt to those who helped them. It is the only practical way in which the individual's debt to OLGA can ever be repaid. The OLGA member knows that game-free living cannot be bought and that there is no long-term lease on it. The OLGA does know, however, that a new way of life without gaming may be had simply for the asking, if it is honestly wanted and willingly shared with those who follow.

Liz Woolley