i have been addicted to smallworlds please read my case

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i have been addicted to smallworlds please read my case

hello all thank you for reading this message

i am what u call a "game addict "and i have been playing this game called smallworlds, from a website called [color=blue]*LINK REMOVED*[/color], which is pretty much like  facebook,before i never knew about this website and my cousin had told me about it.So i am posting this forum because i need help or advice to quit playing ,but the problem is that I can't delete your account ,i mean even if u wanted to its impossible.This game is addicting to me because it lets me "chat" with other people in the game,and make new "virtual" friends because in real life i really dont have that many ,i find it ridiculous that smallworlds makes u pay money to[color=blue]*LINK REMOVED*[/color], what they call "tokens",and get exrtra features as a member ,which you can use to buy clothing and stuff for your avatars, my problem seems to be that i have had been playing it quite often ,and now my parents dislike it when i exceddingly play hour after hour nonstop that was before but now i believe im improving rehab because i  have been playing only on the weekends or when i have extra time left,but i really wish i could stop and i have tried so hard ,its just hard to give up all at once even though many have suggested i quit all at once,which seems impossible ,and i really dont want this game to totally ruin my life pls help.

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Hi, SW...you say you're not

Hi, SW...you say you're not able or willing to stop all at once. What are you willing to do?

This website will furnish you with many many suggestions which work...they work if you work them. Please decide what your needs are and let us know how it goes.

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Hello SW, Welcome to OLGA. I

Hello SW,

Welcome to OLGA. I am a recovering game addict. I played a different game but it doesnt matter. What matters is I found that once I start gaming I am powerless to stop. As a result my life became completely unmanageable. I lost my job, financial security and would lose my family too eventually. Not to mention my self esteem.

Please take the time to read many of the posts on this web site from other addicted gamers now trying to recover, as well as my own posts and blogs.

I will give you the bad news and the good news.

The bad news is that if you have a personality like mine, you can become addicted to gaming and when you stop the withdrawl will be difficult.

The good news is it can be done, and you will find on this site many messages of experience, strength and hope.

If you wish to rid yourself of this terrible addiction and begin to live life like a normal human being again - please bookmark this site and spend lots of time here.

Dont hestitate to contact me by private message if I can help, because I have found that helping others is the best way of keeping clean and game free myself.

- dark

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