How do we talk to them ? About interventions and communication with the excessive gamer

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How do we talk to them ? About interventions and communication with the excessive gamer

When we realise that our loved one is addicted to gaming, we want them to stop so our lives and their lives will get better. Easier said then done !!

Addiction is baffling and strong. They cannot see the damage that we can see. We may have made snipey comments in the past about the length of time spent gaming. We may have nagged them to change their life. They may have learned to turn off when we speak to them.

When we finally realise the addiction is not " going away", then we want to talk seriously to them but we don't know how. Because when we mention the game they become defensive or just ignore us.

This thread is to gather a resource of experiences and advice about 'interventions' and communication with the gamer regarding their gaming habit. Please contribute your experience !

An 'intervention' can be anything from a well thought out one on one conversation with the addict, to a full blown  "surprise" meeting organised by an experienced therapist.

Here is a thread where a concerned friend used a letter to confont a gamer about her concerns

These  two links below may give you some ideas and insights into communicating with the addict: one is aimed at significant others of the gamer , and then parents of the gamer but the ideas will be relevant to all people  who seek to understand how to influence an excessive gamer.

and also see


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