Husband addicted to Game Of War. Shall I take his ipad away?

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Husband addicted to Game Of War. Shall I take his ipad away?

First time seeking help. Should I take his ipad away. I haven't confronted him. He guesses I know something but not the outrageous extent of money wasted. Is this my chance to just remove the ipad without his knowledge? He will never talk about the problem. What do you think?

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Welcome Clueless

Welcome Clueless

I do not recommend you just take the ipad away; he is likely to find another way to feed his addiction. Some spouses can get very angry when people interfere with their stuff and there could be consequences..

Having said that it's your choice to make; doing so would certainly get his attention and and maybe provoke a discussion that could help you say what you need to say to him.

My recommendantion is that you spend quite a lot of time reading posts on this forum about ways you can help your situation starting here:

Keep coming back until it all starts to make sense.


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