I feel I abandon my 21 year old son who is severely addicted to gaming.

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I feel I abandon my 21 year old son who is severely addicted to gaming.

I am a 45 year old mother, of a 21 year old son, who has a terrible gaming addiction.  He keeps the entire house awake all night playing on his games.  He has no regard for me, that works, or my 11 year old who has school.  We just moved out of the house and in with my boyfriend, becuase my boyfriend sees that I am exshusted all the time from lack of sleep.  My 21 year old son wont leave the house, or get a job.  I have enabled him for so long that I feel I am to blame.  He has until March to get a job and become self sufficent.  I dont see that happening.  I have so much guilt for moving out and leaving him in the house alone, but it was affecting my health to stay.  I just didnt know what else to do?  I worry about his emotinoal state.  He is always very angry and mean to me.  He wont talk to me about anything, and stays locked in his room.  Have I done the wrong thing leaving?  


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You need to look after you

You need to look after you and protect your younger child

If you are paying for the house then you can also disconnect your internet and electricity supply. Then he won't be able to game any more. He may then 'wake up'.

Really you need to make a plan on how you can stop enabling him, how you can tackle any health concerns such as harm to himself or others. Consider getting professionals involved. Find support for you.

Keep reading the forums for ideas.

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