Welcome advice for friends and family of addicted gamers

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Welcome advice for friends and family of addicted gamers

Welcome to the 'anon' forums; we are the loved ones of gaming addicts.

If you are the friend or son/daughter/brother/sister/grandparent/aunt/uncle etc of a gamer the "friends and family" forum is for you.  Or, click here for your members only forum  it's free to join up. There are also other forums for spouses and also parents of gamers see links further down.. You may find them helpful also.

You may be concerned about the well being of the gamer, but you will not be so involved in their daily life or you may feel that you do not have the responsibility or the power to make a difference to their lives because their parents or spouse is more directly involved.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can help the gamer realise that they are making a huge mistake of wasting their life on computer gaming. You may have tried to communicate with them already. Maybe they ignored you and carried on. Maybe they told you to mind your own business. How can you get through to them? Sign up for free to see this "members only "thread below;

About interventions and communication with the excessive gamer http://www.olganon.org/forum/discussion-friends-and-family-olg-anon-members-only/about-interventions-and-communication

Or perhapst the gaming addict is making another of your loved ones really sad or "ruining their life" because  the gamer is neglecting them and they depend on the gamer.

The addicted gamer is neglecting me or another loved one; what can I do? http://www.olganon.org/forum/discussion-friends-and-family-olg-anon-members-only/addicted-gamer-neglecting-my-loved-one

Or maybe you are mad at the gamer's parents or spouse because they are ignoring the gamer's problem or strongly disagree that there is a problem at all and therefore contributing to the gamers addiction being perpetuated.

My family are ignoring his/her gaming addiction; what can I do? http://www.olganon.org/forum/discussion-friends-and-family-olg-anon-members-only/my-family-are-ignoring-hisher-gaming

You will find some stories on this friends and family forum that help you or, if not, you may have to pick and chose the advice posted on either the parents or spouses forum that come closest to you problem. You can use key words in the search box at the bottom of the page to find stories significant to you. We hope to have some more relevant starter advice here shortly that will help you get the right advice for your situation. This thread is work in progress

Please post your stories and questions in this forum, or the members only forum for individual support.

If you are the parent of a gamer check out the parents forums for advice

Click here for Open parents forum             

Click here for Members only  parents forum

First aid kit parents: http://www.olganon.org/forum/i-need-help-parents-gamers/first-aid-kit-parents-video-game-addicts

If you are the spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend or significant other of a gamer check out these forums for advice

Click here for Open spouses forum            

Click here for Members only spouse forum

First aid kit spouses: http://www.olganon.org/forum/i-need-help-spousessignificant-others/first-aid-kit-spouses-and-significant-others-video-game




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