Addicted to Runescape

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Addicted to Runescape

It has been hard to admit, but I am addicted to Runescape. I dream about it constantly, I wake up and start playing most of the day, I have started to get hand/arm pain from excessive clicking etc and possibly worse eye sight. I do not do my hobbies anywhere near as much as I used to, and I often think about runescape when I do them. I have not read a book for two years, even though I enjoy reading. I did not do my schoolwork and I did not get enough sleep in my last years of school. I don't see my family; my father asks me where his son has gone. I am extremely lazy. I often find myself slouching. I have put 4000 hours into the game. No-one I know IRL knows about this as I hide it. Throughout the day I put far too much thought into it, I struggle to think about anything without relating it back to Runescape in some obscure way automatically, like a new level of subconsciousness forced into me. A lot of the time I am not playing runescape I am watching videos or reading about it. I know my way around Runescape better than where I live. I know more about Runescape than any other thing in this world currently. I have put more hours into runescape than any other activity (other than purely animalistic ones; such as sleeping etc), even more than my passion of Music, which almost brings me to tears. The thought of success in runescape excites me far more than real life success. This game is currently stopping me from moving onto the next stage of my life: Adulthood and Independance. Even though I admit this, I still can't seem to end my playing, mainly due to longterm friendships: I have known some of these people for years now, and can't bring myself to kill this world I have with them, friendship outside of this game with them cannot work. I think I started playing Runescape as an escape from my depression, but now I know I did not escape, I just Numbed my soul.

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Ok disgusted step one done,

Ok disgusted step one done, you have admitted you are addicted. Not be be callous but... Now whatcha gonna do about it?

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
~ Mark Twain

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Hi Disgusted and welcome to

Hi Disgusted and welcome to Olga. I remember being exactly where you are. It took me over a year to stop my excessive gaming after realizing that I couldn't. Now that you know you are addicted, you must reach the point of being willing to stop. I would encourage you to come here to Olga often and read posts. Go to meetings, if you can. Read about addiction, either onlline or through your library. Giving up that gaming life is very difficult, but once you do, you won't regret it. Good luck to you.


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