Another joins the ranks....

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Another joins the ranks....

I love that I have found a place, where my carbon copy story e told and it be alright.

I have been playing World of Warcraft since beta, before that City of Heroes. CoH was the first MMO I ever played, and it blew my mind. I was a very imaginative child and when I first saw my char jump over a building I was hooked. While I have played games like Quake and Unreal Tournament since high school, World of Warcraft was "it" for me. I have always been a fan of good stories and in the few years before WOW came out read the entire tolkien series Lord of the Rings many times. This affinity to fantasy and story I think make my assimilation into Azeroth that much easier. In the time since the retail release I have managed to get 2 of my best friends hooked as well. I am in a guild that runs the highest instances in the game and have put my self into a role of responsibility with them.

I realized about 3 months ago that I have a problem. Now my days consist of working 3 days a week at a job I love and coming home to do nothing but play WoW. I used to play golf, fly fish, rock climb, camp really anything out doors... Now days off are spent either farming materials for runs or leveling alts etc. I am a senior in college, and this semester I "took some time off" (the obvious lie I told everyone else) to allow for more time in game. I have one semester of college left and all I can think of is this game that gives no satisfaction.

I tried to quit in September, I even cancelled my subscription to WoW, but happened to be playing when the game time expired and it kicked me. Needless to say I IMMEDIATLEY reactivated my account and kept playing.

I have really hurt most of my real life friends; if I get a call from one and I'm playing I will willfully ignore the call. I am finding it very difficult to talk to anyone about anything outside of WoW, it's consuming me. To drop into metaphor, I am teetering on the edge, I see in front of me this huge black hole, and I want to go in... I know I have a problem, that I'm addicted and yet I'm going to keep playing.

I am also a Christian, and firmly believe the things I read in the Bible. There is a verse that says, "To he that knows the right thing to do, and does not do it to him it is sin."

I know that this game is more important to me than almost any other thing, and that I should quit. However, I canAC/a,!a,,C/t see it happening. I am not without hope b/c I know that victory is possible.

But I canAC/a,!a,,C/t.... quit...

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Re: Another joins the ranks....

Welcome to the OLGA clan.
Nice to have you amongst us.
You write with such honesty and sincerety it breaks my heart.

I have been where you are now. WoW was my first online and I was a level 60 priest and I quit because my real life was not a life anymore. I did not eat or sleep and I lied to keep on playing.

The most important thing I have found is to have someone to talk to and to focus on something else. If you can't fight the demons on your own, call someone and talk. Then turn your attention to something that makes you happy. I find heavy work, sports, athletics or sex is good for taking away thoughts of raiding. "I used to play golf, fly fish, rock climb, camp really anything out doors..."

Diggo here at OLGA has lots of advice, write you are quitting on the guild boards, get them to support you.

Victory doesn't come without a plan, I made a consequence list on the suggestion of Chaos.

Kind regards,

I used to play golf, fly fish, rock climb, camp really anything out doors...

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Re: Another joins the ranks....

Welcome to OLGA, I'm glad you found us too. Take the time to wander the boards here and read some of the stories that other people have gone through with gaming. It really helped me to realize that gamers come from all walks of life, and the realization that there were other people out there wanting to change and willing to help others through this process was a godsend.
A few curious questions, if I may. What major are you so close to completing at your college? Was your desire to stop going to school only due to a desire to play WoW (itaEU(tm)s okay if it is; gaming is the reason I stopped going to school), or are you having second thoughts about your major of choice?

I like talking to gamers that are trying to balance school with their desire to game, since thataEU(tm)s the position I was in (and am still in to a small extent) for a long time. Even though I donaEU(tm)t game now, I still feel like I have this lump of knowledge about things that I canaEU(tm)t talk to the majority of people about.

I am not strongly religious. In truth, IaEU(tm)m working through my first reading of the Bible right now. Though I do this at the risk of taking a passage out of context, I enjoyed Luke 11: 24-26 when I read it.

Quote:aEUoeWhen the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.

And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.

Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.aEU

To me it speaks about how I need to keep myself busy, mind and body, or else IaEU(tm)ll fall into the trouble of returning to gaming. The temptation is still there; the devils knock.

Keep in touch, weaEU(tm)re here to help.

- Max

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Re: Another joins the ranks....

Hey, Naz. I'm new here, too. Hang in there. You CAN quit. But it's going to be REALLY, REALLY hard because you are an addict. What has helped me was when I finally admitted that I was an addict, in the same way that an alcoholic is an addict, that if I continued going I would destroy my life and my relationships, and that I needed help quitting. I've been game-free for only 10 days now, so maybe this is premature, but I think I've turned a corner.

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Re: Another joins the ranks....

first of all to aelwyn1964...
10 days is excellent!
It gets better each day trust me!

now for the main topic..
You have realized that you are addicted, now you only need to take the next logical step.

You are almost done with your degree, will you ever go back? Does the satisfaction that you get from the game make you so happy that it is worth risking so much for it? Why will you give your life away to this game that does nothing but take? Ask yourself what you want to do with your life, do you want to finish college? do you want to get a job? Do you want to start doing all of those things you have been neglecting? Do you want to reconnect all of your relationships? From what you say I can tell you are not happy... instead of drowning your pain by playing even more it is time to make a decision. Stop playing the game! delete your characters.. that was the hardest part for me but was the only way I knew I could keep myself from going back. If I knew I had all these characters sitting around I never could have done it. Trust me, stop now or regret it for the rest of your life... I am still in college.. I have done 3 years and I still have a couple more.. I know what its like to have schoolwork and the kind of stress that is. I hope you can make the right decision.. you know whats right.

Aaron Blair

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