A big problem with The Sims - Urgent help required

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A big problem with The Sims - Urgent help required

Okay, tonight my friend asked me if I wanted to go clubbing and I replied to him that I already went the night before. A few minutes later, I realised that I actually went clubbing on The Sims. I don't know what is wrong with me, it's like I can't differentiate between real life and the game. I have the nude mod installed and when I watch my favourite female character in the spa with nothing on, It actually feels like I am emotionally connected to her and I am in the spa with her. I have 3 characters in my house, me, her and some other fantasy one. When I see her making out with the other guy, I get REALLY jealous. It makes me want to break things and I feel physically angry, as if I have actually been cheated on. Sometimes I purposefully make the other guy and her make out, just to know what heartbreak feels like.[color=Blue]Line deleted here...a bit too graphic for this board. Please keep this G-rated.[/color] Okay, I will change it, I sometimes become sexually attached to the game.

I want to be normal, I want to do things like everyone else does... With real people. But no one appreciates me, and what I can get in the sims can't be given anywhere else. I think i am the most ugliest person alive, and that by chanelling what I really want to look like in my character designs, I feel a sense of completion. I am no longer the overweight slob that I am in reality.


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Re: A big problem with The Sims - Urgent help required

Hi, first of all welcome to OLGAnon. Second, if you are feeling ugly you have to cahnge this. If you think you are overweight and you want to be somebody else, I can relate to your feelings during my time of being overweight. But still, this kind of feelings should lead you to the conclusion, that you have to do something about it. The first step is, that you have to realize that playing Sims is not helping you at all. By staring at the computer screen, you want become somebody else. Thats why you should delete all your saves, deinstall the game, turn away from your computer and then do something about your situation. It is probably best, to visit a doctor, that helps you make a plan how to loose weigt in a healthy timeframe and then you should start to work on you. I know how hard it is and how depressing and frustating it can be, as I lived through some tough overweight times - but I lost a lot of weight in the last couple of month, and now I like my body a lot better than before. I hope it helps a bit


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Re: A big problem with The Sims - Urgent help required

Hello Needhelp, You've gotten very good advice above. It is so, so hard to struggle with feelings of inadequacy and failure, especially when it seems like everyone around you has got it together. The media is particularly brutal in this regard... if you look at TV it seems like everyone besides you is skinny, beautiful, having romantic affairs right and left and not a care in the world. It's just not true! This is why it's TV! But it's hard when you get in a mindset that says, you are a loser under some specific set of criterion that are totally unrealistic for anyone to meet. It is such a cliche, but really, the longest journey does begin with a single step. You can't lose all the weight you need to lose today, but you can eat healthily and get some exercise today, and that's a start. Maybe you won't get completely free of your Sims issue today, but you can step away from the monitor and do something else for an hour, today. After a while, your healthier habits will become self-reinforcing. You will start to care more about yourself and have a better opinion of yourself, and you won't *want* to do the self-sabotage thing after a while. Think about it: if you have a really nice car, and you just love it to pieces, do you want to put some cheap-o gas in it that will make it run poorly and damage it? Of course not... and if you love yourself, eventually you're not going to want to put a Big Mork or some other junk into your system, because it just doesn't run right on that kind of diet. You mentioned that you feel unappreciated. This is tough. Very often, people who have been gaming for a while haven't worked too hard on their real life relationships. One thing that winds up needing to get fixed is their ties to family, friends and other loved ones. This is one of the issues that people game to avoid. Again, though, one of the hardest things I've had to face in my own life is that I can't control other people and how they respond to me. I am doing great if I can control myself! I am hoping that you can get to the point that you can look in the mirror and feel that you are a worthwhile person no matter what anyone else says or does. It is your view, through your eyes, that counts. I wish you peace and strength. It is a hard road, a much harder road than escaping into the Sims, but ultimately I think you'll see that an "unsimulated" life is much more worth living! Jane in CT

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