A couple questions.

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A couple questions.

a little bit about me... and then the questions.

Im 5 foot 6 and im 135 pounds.

im 16, and ive been playing everquest for 4 years.

I have been in a relationship for nearly one and a half years ( my first and hopefully only)

I finish all my chores ( of course i DO wait untill i have to what kid WANTS to do their chores )

I have good grades in school ( my lowest grade is a B+... and im working to improve that)

I am practicing Kajukenbo (the first american matial art) and im currently a blue sash. (about two years of training)

I am a membr of the Civil Air Patrol. the boy scouts of the airforce

I would already have a drivers lisence and a pilots lisence, (for prop planes) however my father had a heart attack, and we coudlnt afford lessons. (my father is fine now by the way. )

My scores on your tests were low. IE: good
My score on the 5th one were all 2 or 1's except for the puting off chores


I play EQ about three hours a day on the schooldays.

on sunday (my official day off ) i play eq all day. that means 10 hours usually. ( i have played 14 straight before )

the above statement probably makes you think i have problems... but playing EQ is how i relax. I have been playing 4 years, its true. but my highest cherachter is only level 56 (65 is the max) my second highest is 42 ( just dinged that today! yay! ) Most people i meet online have played for under 5 months and are already 65, with a few alternate chers in the 40's and 50's

So my questions to anyone who read my post is.


Do you believe i am addicted to EQ, as i can play for 10 hours straight?

Do you believe my playing eq for 3 hours a day alone is enough to be called an addict.

What am i to be clasified if i obviously have controll over my playing time ( as i easily log off for out of EQ activities ) but i still play excesive ammounts of the day?

and is there anything else you want ta add


Zabe The Confused -- 56 monk
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Re: A couple questions.

Nah, you're not addicted. You're just doing what most adults wish they did more of when they were younger.
That's awesome that you are involved in so many things. I have heard of many martial arts before but not Kajukenbo. Can you tell me a little bit about it, like what other martial art is it similar to?

I personally don't judge anything that someone who is still in school and living at home does in terms of it being excessive or an addiction or something. That time in your life is the time when you are supposed to do whatever you want for as much as you want...within reason of course. The problem most of us "old people" have is trying to force our fears and hard-learned lessons on the young folks when they really don't need or want to hear it yet. There's plenty of time to worry about the toils of being on your own and making a living once you are actually out on your own.

The key to life is quite simple...something which martial arts helps us learn about...balance.

Anyone who is experiencing lots of stress in his life is probably out of balance in a number of ways. It may be too much work, too much eating...or too much eating the wrong things. Or not enough exercise, or too much staying up late at night. It might be too much time spent around the wrong people, or too much time living and working in the same place.

A balanced person adjusts his lifestyle and his habits to what his body and mind tell him he needs at the moment. When we can find balance within ourselves, then the external world can't help but become balanced as well. It all starts internally.

I would love to have a pilot's license. My dream would be to be able to fly WWII era fighters like the P51-D, Corsair, Zero, Stuka and one of my favorite planes from WWII, the P38 Lightning.

Anyway, Thanks for dropping by!


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Re: A couple questions.

Hey Zabe, the confused!

Thanks for coming.

I am just curious, if you are involved with all of those other activities, how on earth can you play computer games almost 30 hours a week?

Everquest, as we know, is a time sink.

The main question here, is if you weren't playing the game, what would you be doing? Flying your plane or be with your Dad or doing home work or helping your Mom or practicing your Kajukenbo?

Ask you Mom and Dad what they think. They can see things you don't see.

If no one, including yourself, has a problem with your game playing, consider it a hobby.

If there are things you would rather be doing instead, but cannot leave the game to do it, you may want to look at this board, for tips, on how to leave the game.

Today, I consider time more valuable than money. As I get older, I don't have enough time to do what I really want.
Personally, I would not give that much time up to play a computer game.

But it is your life we are talking about, not mine. The final decision is yours. What do YOU want to accomplish in YOUR life? What steps are you taking to do that? What is getting in your way?


Liz Woolley

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Re: A couple questions.

Kajukenbo is a combination of 5 different martial arts styles.
Ju:jujitsu and judo
Bo:chinese boxing

We combine all of the arts in to our own forms and styles. Tum Pie is the style i study.

Ka: Long life
Ken: Fist

wich basically means...Through this fist style one gains long life and happiness.

Just type in Kajukenbo into a search engine and you will fund some information.

I am just curious, if you are involved with all of those other activities, how on earth can you play computer games almost 30 hours a week?
-end quote-

*ponders* good queston

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