Health people laughes at me

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Health people laughes at me

Yesterday when I was attempting to find help for my addiction, I call the most local MHMR, in hopes the could help or offer some advise. The woman on the phone laughed at me and siad " That's not a real addiction." I am searching high and low for a physical group, but it's eith ezpensive, or they don't believe in Vidoe Game addiction. My case is serious, I have fits of rage, and lose all self control whenI play. It's hard for me not to redownload my games. I have already lost my family because I didn't even think I was an addict, till it was too late, and all the local health service community does is laugh.

Desire to Stop
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Patrick, check around with

Patrick, check around with the links we have here to see what may be available in your area in terms of counseling and treatment, etc.

The reality is that, yes, some people are stupid. That's simply a fact of life. It's less important that people are laughing and more important that, if you've decided you are willing to do whatever it takes to try to help yourself, that you take all actions that you can. It would be great if more treatment options were free, but the reality is that they aren't. So don't waste time on that portion of it, and start availing yourself of the tools that are free.

For instance, our site is available to you. You can also attend open AA or NA meetings--please realize that while folks in AA or NA will very clearly understand both addiction and withdrawal, you will still find folks who snicker because they can't relate to a pure process addiction, and one that seems so possibly "harmless". That's fine; part of our problem as addicts is that we don't like to conform ourself to life on life's terms, we want life to conform to us (and when it doesn't, we use that as a reason to go and game). You might need to speak in very generalized terms about what you are dealing with, but if you are sincere and willing to take action you may find yourself with a fantastic support network available.

The AA Big book talks about how job or no job, wife or no wife, we simply do not get better as long as we place dependence upon others ahead of dependence upon a higher power (or spiritual principles). If you really want to get well and are willing to take action, there will literally be no holding you back.

To get started: don't game. Ride out what will surely be a most unpleasant withdrawal experience, and read our posts on withdrawal, and things to do instead of gaming. Yes, your innate sense of "wanting to do activities" other than gaming is broken, don't wait to do things until you feel like it. You have to live your way into right thinking, not the other way around.

Finally, I highly recommend the steps, both as a way to help route out all the garbage inside of us that makes us such fertile territory for an addiction, but also as a great way to pass the time in withdrawal. The posts on the first 3 steps are a great place to start. Athiesm or agnosticism is not a barrier to completing step work; contempt prior to investigation is.

Cheers, Desire to Stop
ALL quoted text (unless otherwise stated) comes from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (with wording sometimes changed only to make it more relevant for gaming addiction). I will include page numbers.

Hoping & praying for a measure of recovery for all of us today.

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Patrickrpg, make an appt

Patrickrpg, make an appt with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Explain your feelings and worries. Then mention the gaming addiction. I am sure they will see the connection.

The question is....will you be able/courageous/adult enough to sacrifice that which merely pleases you...for that which will truly fulfill you? That is the question of personal growth.
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dark (not verified)
Patrick, To follow up what


To follow up what DtS wrote... I am an addict like you. I find face to face meetings very helpful. I have gone to some NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings locally. Because here they have a rule at meetings that you cannot speak about the specific drug (coke, meth, heroin, etc) I was able to tell of my addiction and attempts at recovery without telling anyone my drug is really a video game (I could tell the truth).

I think the same rules apply in the USA at NA meetings. Please try such a meeting you will find it useful.

BTW I have tried and stopped lots of drugs, but none were so hard to stop or ruined my life in the way online games did. Honest. I got serious withdrawal after I finally stopped gaming.

You are not alone Mate, and there is help out there if you look for it.

- dark

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I will emphasise what Dark

I will emphasise what Dark and DTS have said about the importance of meetings and the steps. I would also suggest you look at the traditions, as they describe why the program works. The steps tell how the program works.

When I first joined a 12 step program I too, got hung up on the words, God, spirituality, and higher power. It was not until I worked the steps that I began to understand the true meaning of these words. Simply they mean a God, or Higher Power etc, of my understanding. This has absolutely nothing to do with religion, although some choose to make their higher power a God of religion. I did not. I made the 12 step group my higher power. Afterall a group of people has more knowledge and strength and wisdom than I do as a single person.

If somebody says that the 12 steps are religious of theistic, I would argue that person has not worked the steps or the traditions with a sponsor. In my experience it is virtually impossible to do a 12 step program successfully alone.

There are only 3 requirements to for freedom from addiction honesty, openmindedness and willingness. A closed mind, such as I had for many years was totally destructive. I am only here today because the pain got so great that I became willing to do anything to put an end to my destructive lifestyle.

Honesty-I am a gaming addict and I cannot beat this addiction on my own.

Openmindednes-I am open to trying another way of life, as my way at beating the addiction does not work.

Willingness-I am willing to admit that I need help and am willing to take the steps 1 at a time as they are written and to follow the suggestions of a sponsor.

IF you are an addict like I am an addict, then a closed mind prior to investigation is ultimately destructive. I will make you a promise. If you get a sponsor and work these steps every day and are willing to work these steps and traditions in all your affairs each day it will be virtually impossible to continue in your addiction. For those people who are working the steps and traditions with a sponsor and practicing what they have learnt in all their affairs they will get a daily reprieve from their addiction. For those who argue and pick at the steps due to one or two words, the chances of them getting over their addiction are less than average.

This addiction thrives on the addict isolating, justifying his or her actions, and the addict feeling that somehow his/her case is different. I am an alcoholic and drug addict, and in my opinion their is virtually no difference between those addictions and a gaming addiction. I know that may sound strange, but the feelings of isolation/loneliness from the outside world, that nodody can understand what I am going through, shame and embarrasement of my addiction are all the same. The feeling that I need help, but I do not know where to understand are all the same. The object of the addiction is less important than the feelings behind it.

I would not get wrapped up in semantics and psyco babble like I did for years. While those things may be interesting they never provided me long term relief from addiction. Only working a program of recovery has saved me from my addictions.

No, World of Tanks and Second Life, I will not play you or your brethren today. At least I hope not. one day at a tiiiiiiime. Last day I gamed is now 13 May 2012.

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They have not been trained

They have not been trained to respond to your type of addiction.

Internet and games are a relatively new phenomena. While alcohols, drugs, gambling have been there forever, the computer and games and especially mmo games are really an invention of the past few decades. As such, people don't recognize that you may have problems with them. Many people across the globe don't have access to the internet or games, but they do have access to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. So these problems became recognized first while many people have no idea what problems anyone might have with games. Consider yourself a pioneer in this area as many of us are. Several decades into the future and with effort of many people gaming addiction will get the attention it deserves. Several counties in Asia already developed clinics for treating this kind of addition. Trick is in making the rest of the world realize its dangers.

Like I said many of us are pioneers in this area so if you wish you can think about how to contribute your own efforts in your country into making this a recognizable addiction for which people can get treatment. Those organizations that laughed at you? You can join them on your own free time and help them change their attitutde.

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