Here is My Story

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Here is My Story

My story isn't nearly as sad as most I have read but still relates to the same crap/mistakes we have made - I am in the military so I work a lot of hours, at times I work shifts that make my it hard to actually have a real RL - Anyways I was in a wonderful relationship with a girl for 2 1/2 years - I deployed for 7 months came back she was waiting for me and it was wonderful - We got a place together, we were best friends and we planned to marry - We were in love. I was once a gamer before the military and wanted to get back in - I built a computer and a friend turned me onto WoW - I played every so often but eventually as I started to level and know people online I started playing more and more, neglecting her - Eventually I reached the max level and was in a hardcore raiding guild - I knew my relationship was hurting so I thought hey let me buy another copy of WoW, build a new computer for my G/F and I'll play with her - It worked for a couple weeks then I thought I don't want to do a whole new character I want to gear up mine, screw her - She only played to do something with me but I was so concerned to make my main character better I didn't even play with her - Eventually it got so bad I wasn't paying any attention to her and she is the type of girl who craves affection all the time - The time came when I knew something was wrong and I caught her with another guy at her sisters house - We had a terrible break up and that was where I woke up - I hurt for a good 4 months, I knew this game made me depressed with life when I didn't play it, I was obsessed with it yet I didn't see the fact I was in such a trance that I played non stop as much as I could - I quit the guild and decided I would just be a casual gamer with WoW, I play every so often when I am at home ALONE but hell I haven't logged in for over a month - I do play First person shooter games which are a lot of fun but I can end those at anytime, I can play for 10 minutes or 4 hours no matter - It isn't designed like mmorpg's where you get so involved with a raid that takes 5 hours or what ever - After I got over the pain of my lost relationship I got back in the dating scene, I am now dating a girl who puts my EX to shame.... I got lucky and now I know what ruined my relationship and I know it will never happen again - it is all about self control and trust me on this one, stay away from the mmorpg games.... the are designed to keep players playing forever, the are unbeatable type games and you can never win - I love gaming but I have found FPS the way to go - I can unwind with a couple maps and play for about an hour and I am good - I can still play but I have no obsession for gear or rank, level or whatever - All I can say is nothing is better than real life, go to the mountains, go somewhere new, don't waste your life in front of a screen, don't throw away a family because a game isn't worth it - play in moderation, a few hours a week and that is it - Heck I even stil game at competitions but after my loss I understand the reality of what can happen and I will never put myself through that pain or the one I love through that pain again - I can only stress this enough, it is just a game and a game can't replace a wife, a great job, a g/f, love, children ...... ensure you make that your primary importance in life and game every so often, compromise and set a schedule but honestly wouldn't one rather be help and loved rather than getting gear - okay now you have all the gear you could ever want but no one to hold at night - hmmmmmmmmm Personally I would rather have less gear and have a beautiful warm body who loves me squished next to me - So I will support any and all of you, this is why we are here to fix the problem and it can be hard or it can be easy, let these stories wake you up to what can happen - Good Luck everyone