&: How to Minimize Gaming (from a gamer)

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&: How to Minimize Gaming (from a gamer)


My name is Reuben.

Hi Reuben.

I am an addict.

I am addicted to computer games.

My life today

For the last six months I have played Civilization III and Age of Empires II. I play for 16 to 40 hours a week. Now that I have a job, it is about 16 hours a week.

Ever since I bought my first computer in 1994 or so, I have had issues with playing games for too long.

How to minimize gaming

Here are my ideas for keeping your gaming in check. All of the ideas are basically barriers to entry, so when the gaming impulse strikes, you have more time between the impulse striking and fulfilling that impulse. In that time you have to talk yourself out of playing.

My ideas are:

Uninstall the game

Smash the CD. Hang the remains on your wall as you would any other war trophy.

Create a list of all the reasons you hate playing the game, both in how the game rules work, and also in effects, like how you don't get anything else done while playing. Refer to your list when the gaming impulse strikes.

Like, in Civ II, they won't let you have more than 256 cities, and your future tech score will roll over and become negative if it gets too high. So I remind myself that if I play the ultimate kick-ass game and take over the entire world, I'm gonna hit a city limit and start to get a negative score. That takes some of the fun out of it.

if you must play, only play existing games you know. don't learn new ones.

You might find it useful to just get rid of your computer. If you can't get rid of your computer, you could try to:

Install a sh**ty video card that only does 256 colors or black/white

Get rid of your speakers and sound card

Run Linux instead of Windows

As with all goals, it helps to write the goals down, tell other people about the goals, and to give yourself little rewards after X days of not playing.

I think a lot of people play games because 1) they're bored and 2) they hate their lives and want to escape. Try to have a fun, happy life with lots of activities and friends and stuff.

Hope this helps.

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