I am a Druid

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I am a Druid

It dawned on me one day, long ago, maybe a year ago, so long ago.... I am addicted to Everquest. Like smoking I have quit for a time here and there, but always gone back to the world I know and love. It's home for me. The people I have met are fun to talk to and I have had endless hours of fun and stress relieving killing and questing. I once spent 13 hours in Upper Guk camping the Fungus Mutant to gain one measely little item for the Paw of Oppola. (sp?) How sad... Well today as I sit, I contemplate quiting perhaps like my caffiene addiction it will go away... or my anger problem I can abeit it with counseling... I am not sure, my birthday is in 2 days maybe I could give it up as a b-day gift to myself, or make it a new year's resolution. Who knows what the days coming will bring. Until then I will continue to say as I port people around the fair lands of Norrath Hug the druid, he needs your love.