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I'm new :)

Hello everyone,
I found the site from the article that appeared on the Fox News web site.
I started playing Everquest in March of 1999. Prior to that I was not really a gamer. I played a few games but nothing very seriously. At the time, I was 25 years old.

Over the next couple of years, I took some breaks from the game but still got drawn back in and I would go on EQ "binges". I would go home directly from work or in some cases "work from home" and play until very late. I got into the habit of ordering pizzas because even stopping for fast food would take too much time. I remember at one point, I had 34 empty pizza boxes stacked in my computer room. It was too much trouble to take the garbage out.

During the down times I concentrated on work and to this day I have had a successful career with a few published books. However, my life has been 2 things - career or computer games. No real personal life. I manage to break away for a few months but I get sucked back in. I am the epitamy of a relapser. I even installed EQ on a work laptop when I had extended projects out of town so I could play from hotel rooms or even while in Europe.

About 2 years ago I broke free from EQ. It was not because of choice but because due to traveling, my guild out leveled me and I was not flagged for the planes so somehow I managed to cancel the account and leave. I swore I would never fall into that lifestyle again.

After the travel ended, I started playing planetside and even though the addiction was not as strong as EQ I was hooked. It got old and I moved on to SWG. While playing SWG I alternately played City of Heroes. Both became boring and as of last month I've been playing EQ 2 WAY too much. Different games, same result. I'm 31 years old, single with no social life. I've lost contact with friends because I don't call them back, I prioritize my gaming above "hanging out" and I lie to family/friends about how much time I spend on these games. I have also found myself saying to myself "I don't really want to get involved in a relationship because it will interrupt whats going on in INSERT GAME NAME HERE".

I know what it has done to my life. I know what it continues to do to my life and it gets compounded by the fact that I am a computer programmer. I used to spend my time reading programming books, writing programming books. Studying, testing theories, learning and at one time I was very well respected among my peers. These days I know that I am not at the level I used to be at. My health has suffered (I have gained roughly 50 pounds in the last 3-4 years that won't stay off), sleep suffers and I find myself easily depressed and angry at myself for not being able to break this and be the person I know I truly am.

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